Eucharia Anunobi Exposes Nollywood Actresses Sleeping With Governors & Presidents

eucharia anunobi persecuted

August 8, 2016 – Eucharia Anunobi Says Nollywood Actresses Sleep With Governors & Presidents, Opens Up On Her Challenges As A Born Against Christian

In a recent chat with Sunday Sun, the actress opened up on what she went through after giving her life to Christ.

The ordained lady evangelist who recently declared she is a prophetess said she repented about 19 years ago.

nollywood actresses sleep with governors presidents

The ‘Abuja Connection’ star talked about how colleagues relate with her after she became born again.

In her words:

 “I remember years ago when I gave my life to God, my colleagues were laughing at me. ‘Your mates are busy doing aristo, your mates are busy seeing governors, your mates are busy going to the clubs in Victoria Island, Ikeja, and everywhere, you sey na church you wan go’.

“They used to say that ‘something is wrong with Eucharia’. ‘Can you imagine with all her degrees, and doctorate in waiting, na to go church?’ But today, by the grace of God, where I sit they can’t sit; where I go they can’t go. I sit with governors and presidents not for aristo, and not for someone to take me to a corner of a room to sleep with me.

“I am not among the superstars they would say, ‘that one get a good shape, go corner her for hotel for me’ and they come and meet you only in the night. They don’t need to take me to any corner of the room through Personal Assistant.

“They call me to the lobby of the governor or president’s chapel to pray and declare the word of God Almighty. And when I am done, they shake my hands and say, ‘lay hands on me”.

“I’m  not among my mates who sleep with governors and presidents anymore. I’m a new creature in Christ”

26 thoughts on “Eucharia Anunobi Exposes Nollywood Actresses Sleeping With Governors & Presidents

  1. Hmmm she gave her life to christ 19yrs ago, I am tryg to recollect when I last saw her in those films were she is seen kissing, cuddling and doing other erotic parts, was that up to 19yrs, just thinking aloud.

  2. I salute you the madam, you made a great choice to do it for God, But your heavy makeups is something else. Just saying!

  3. 19 years ke? If you are truly born again, you need to be totally honest. It is not up to 19 years ago that you gave an interview in which you said you were a Tiger in bed. Anyway, we thank God for your life. Keep the fire burning.

  4. When you give your life to Christ, it shows in everthing about you even without anyone asking.

    You can‘t be looking more like a call girl and claiming to have repented. In 2Corinth. 5:17, when you are in Christ, “OLD THINGS“ must pass away.

    I knew you ever since to be make up-freak, and you‘re still very much active in it in fact, you‘re now looking more like the Biblical Jezebel and you are here saying gibberish. Stop decieving yourself jare. You dont know the concept of repentance.
    How do you explain your sextapades with one pst. Okpe or so that claimed to have ordained you?

    I take a stroll…

  5. Sisi mi, with all these soyoyo shine-shine babe you put for body? Na God go judge, snake too wan pretend say make people mistaken am for fish. Qualification into heaven is a daily process,not just one time repentance; you must habitually follow all the precepts as prescribed by the teachings of prince of peace.

  6. This sister has a true calling which I saw years back before she answered it, but there are things she must let go just like many of us that are called, may almighty God give her more grace and understanding to work in his vineyard in Jesus Christ name, Amen

  7. True confession! So this what all these big ladies in Nollywood do to make money? And we are thinking they get their money from acting.

    Thank God for your life Eucharia. I just pray that others repent too.

  8. Make up has nothing to do with ones personality oh.And besides it’s all about looking good I love ur makeup….peepz stop criticizing

  9. Let no man judge her, if God were to mark iniquity WHO shall stand. I rejoice with you my sister, God will perfect all that concerns you IJN.

  10. In her last statement did she say she’s not among her mates who sleep with governors and presidents anymore or am I seeing double?! Does dat actually mean she used to do it????

  11. What if she used to do it? Have you ever lived without sin?…….stop criticizing and just focus on your personal relationship with God. You’re in no position to judge anyone.

  12. who made you a judge. Thank God she had encounter with Christ, looking at somebody’s apperance and condemning the person is canal leave it for God and face youself.

  13. God looks at the heart and not on outward appearance. Judge ye not lest thou be judged. Thank God that she has made Jesus Christ her Lord and personal savior.

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