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Executive Terrorism Rocks Abia State Nigeria Latest News Updates

Executive Terrorism Rocks Abia State Nigeria

terrorism abia state nigeria

Oct 24, 2013 – Executive Terrorism Rocks Abia State Nigeria

Listen to me when I write about the disaster in Abia State called Gov. T.A Orji government, though I know that millions of people are paying heed by the responses I get on my email. The below article has further proved me right that Gov. T.A Orji has a perilous mission in Abia State. Please, spare your time and read the below. Thanks, Odimegwu Onwumere

There has been a string of well orchestrated but poorly executed design to destroy and permanently annihilate the Progress People Alliance (PPA) in Abia State, where the soul of the party has copiously flourished, amassing great support base from a groundswell of surging grass root membership and intriguing goodwill.

Today, there are emerged hordes of political opprobrious elements in Abia who have thrown decorum and etiquette to the birds because they crave a perpetual hold on an otherwise absolutely transient power.

After the Federal Government deployed security enforcement to salvage Abia State from the jaws of kidnapping and uncommon criminality that pervaded the state with the coming of Governor T. A. Orji, the misery of the citizens of Abia both corporate and common, has continued to experience top-rock application from the very state administration.

After electing Chief T. A. Orji as governor of the state in abscentia in 2007, PPA unarguably has political spring board and the basic constituency, expected that Abia in its state of somberness will enjoy a vibrant, rambunctious and ruminative leadership, which will tacidly deploy available resources to lift the state and its citizenry to a competitive level in prosperity. But on a critical appraisal of the governor’s performance towards the end of his first term in 2010, the party spotted lapses, advising him to step up his equality of service to the people in line with party manifesto and as a panacea to guarantee a deserved victory for the party and a second term for him, in the subsequent election billed for 2011. Surprisingly, the man got scared of diligence and took a flight from membership of the party while screaming Bondage.

In fright out of his towering unpopularity in the committee of fellow state governors as a result of his relative woeful failure to execute his social contract with his people, the governor has condemned his political progenitor, PPA, as his daunting nemesis. He has abandoned his electioneering promise to imbue skill, create wealth and generate bogus employment by resurrecting such industries like the Golden Guinea Breweries, Abia Newspaper Publishing Corporation, Abia Glass Industries Ltd, Ogwe Golden Chicken as well as expanding the Abia business hub, just to ensure that PPA dies a permanent death in Abia, clearing the coast for him to continue in his perpetuation of sleaze and misrule without challenge. From his outbursts and actions, the total collapse of infrastructure, stagnated economy and mirage of social problems, which has created massive resentment from the society and loss of confidence in our state political leadership have become secondary to his self imposed priority leadership destroying a PPA which the laws of the land and indeed Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) guarantees its right and privileges as appertaining to a living corporate citizen.

It has become expedient therefore, that we address the unfortunate mobilization of raw power by this citizen, in a most brash manner especially as a strategy to silence opposition through unbridled subjugation and elimination.

For instance, immediately after the inglorious 2011 governorship elections which witnessed the exaggerated re-election of the incumbent, the police personnel, in broad day light accompanied a group of hoodlums who marched from the Government House, Umuahia through Aba Road with two coffins and palm fronds, which they eventually deposited in the #66, Aba Road State Secretariat of PPA changing war and funeral songs. This case was formally reported to police authorities, who are yet to conclude investigations till date.

On Wednesday, 7th March, 2012 the party scheduled a Special Congress, observing due technical and security processes. But the Police that was detailed to provide security at the venue suddenly pulled out, making way for a swift invasion by thugs who abducted and maimed party faithful in attendance. Party properties were summarily destroyed in the process while a tanker-load of human faeces was discharged on the entire party premises, as well as tying palm fronds on the gates and office doors of the party. And even when some of the perpetrators of this abominable act were reported in our petition to the Police in Abia, nothing has been heard from the Force till today.

Since then the Executive Governor of Abia State has made good his threat that he will not live to see PPA hoist its flag in Umuahia. It is therefore not a riddle that for the third time since 2012, the machinery of government has been mobilized to stop the party from establishing its office in the capital city. First, it was at 66, Aba Road and lastly at 152 Aba Road, Umuahia where our rent payments have been returned long after rent agreements were due.

We need a strongly emphasize that those experience are far from chance accidents surrounding the intimidating and unprovoked victimizations of PPA in Abia. The governor has always threatened such prospective landlords with instance revocation of Certificate of Occupancy for their properties and it is no secret.

It will be intellectually questionable to ascribe this draconian suppression of opposition in Abia as a hall mark of the President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan-led Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the centre. This is in consideration of Mr. President’s transparent support for fledging democracy and party politics as well as his commitment to free and credible elections, since he assumed office. We can avoid the risk of enshrining the politics of bitterness hence we reject rule of impunity against liberal democracy and abhor crude alienation from global best practices of the freedom concept in Abia. The Governor should be counseled that as he winds up his governance of the State one legacy he should create for posterity is to allow these people who are subjected to all sorts of rates, levies and taxes enjoy the liberty to freely rent/lease their properties to preferred clientele without prejudice and executive gagging.

The Governor owes Abians and humanity in general the obligation to reduce the battery of exploitative tax burden on the already impoverished citizens and those who do business in Abia. It will be a relief for the average Abian to see the speedy expiry of the confisticated rule come May 2015, but it will be a bigger relief if the Governor leaves office with such absurd taxes as,, certificate of traditional title (N100,,000), Abia State Environment Protection Agency (ASEPA) levies like

ASEPA House to House (Room) levy

ASEPA Bucket/Basket Purchase

ASEPA Sweeping Toll

ASEPA Shop Levy

ASEPA Drainage Levy

ASEPA Vanguard Levy

ASEPA Borehole Inspection Levy

ASEPA Fire Extinguisher Levy

ASEPA Annual Borehole Drilling Rate (N27,,000)

ASEPA Borehole Registration (N30,,000)

Physical Planning and Infrastructure Development Fund (PPIDF) like

PPIDF Shop Levy

PPIDF Motor Levy

PPIDF Tricycle (Keke) Levy

PPIDF House Levy (N60,000 – N70,000)

PPIDF Containers Levy (N30,000) etc

The Progressive Peoples Alliance has a vision and great promise to provide suitable atmosphere for the development of a leadership that is genuine, compassionate and just with unflinching commitment to rescue Abians from local imperialism through the proper devolution of rare gifts of candor, creativity, industry and integrity. The party should be allowed to exercise its right to exist and reach out.

It is high time every stakeholder in project Abia prevails on the Abia State Governor and his cronnies to respect the constitutional rights and privileges of PPA and indeed every corporate or ordinary citizen of the state.

To avoid further despair and curse by the people, these actions of the government of T. A. Orji which clearly negate morality, civility and genuine democracy must be stopped now.

Report by Chief Oliver Eze Obiezu

Abia State Publicity Secretary

Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA)



  1. Darugbo Shetz

    October 24, 2013 at 3:54 PM

    Politics the dirtiest game in the history of man kind
    All because of money shameles foooooooools

  2. blaze_boy

    October 24, 2013 at 7:30 PM

    Cock n bull story lol

  3. Professor ID

    October 25, 2013 at 2:53 AM

    Cheiii! This is an Epistle. You are hereby employ into the aso villa to be writing speeches for mr. President

  4. Akudo

    October 25, 2013 at 8:42 AM

    When I saw Odimegwu Onwunemere, I need not read further because I know it’s going to be a cock-and-bull story. You are always out to malign and paint govt in bad light. Nothing good comes from you and you can never see anything good in your life. Fool!

  5. ezeibe chidi

    October 25, 2013 at 9:16 AM

    All bullshit,d writer is writing to exonerate who? PPA? They brought dis woe n suffering unto us so they shud jst keep quite,we are been ruled by a man who cannot even rule himself,politics is a too serious matter to be left in d hands of a politician like T A Orjii,a man who loves seeing suffering on d faces of d people he rules….we all are a party to it cox if we stud jst like Imolites during Rochas election we will not even be here but one thing is for sure,T A Orji will neva go unpunished cox he has punished me n oda Abians so so much,let him enjoy while it lasts….

  6. Akuchinyere

    October 25, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    Fools……. Story! story! U people can nt find a solution to make Abia a good state. No good road in Ikwuano, since 1999 i only saw pole no light on it… unemployment. Infact Abia is nt in map. God we need a good governor dat will make us feel good like Imo state. PPA MY FOOT.

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