EXPOSED! Linda Ikeji Falsified Late Prophet Ajanaku’s Fleet Of Cars “These Are Fake Photos” – Church Member

prophet ajanaku wifeprophet ajanaku cars

August 29, 2013 – Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji Allegedly Falsified Ajanaku’s Fleet Of Cars “These Are Not Our Pastor’s”

In the early hours of today, a controversial Nigerian blogger identified as Linda Ikeji alleged shared some fake photos of late Prophet Ajanaku‘s fleet of cars to satisfy her curious readers.

An insider at the late Pastors church who identified herself as Ngozi (last name withheld by request) claims the photos the bloggers shared with her readers are the fake ones.

prophet ajanaku cars

“These are not our pastor’s Linda, I wrote you today and you ignored my message. why r u choosing to tarnish the image of the dead? I have been to his house on several occasions and am yet to come across such in his house. where did u find ur own? pls I need an answer – Ngozi said in an email she sent to this afternoon.

Though late Prophet Ajanaku told city people magazine he loves expensive cars, we can authoritatively confirm that the above photos are not his own.

May his soul rest in peace.

5 thoughts on “EXPOSED! Linda Ikeji Falsified Late Prophet Ajanaku’s Fleet Of Cars “These Are Fake Photos” – Church Member

  1. U guys hv to be fair to her, Linda is not the only lier our there it’s just dt her own too much. Stella is my fav

  2. Linda’s secret lies in her numerous lies… so naijagist if una sabi grow like her make u lie small small.

    these days an age, lies sell

  3. this is a warning to linda to keep her lies in check. If someone sent her a picture, she should verify it first

  4. Linda is cutting it very thin. Google is already aware that she supplants story from other people’s blog or she tells outright lies. The second time google pounces, it will be the end of her blog. What they did to her last time is nothing compared to what she will face this time.

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