Famous People In Church Of Satan – Popular Satanists

famous people in church of satan

Jan 14, 2013 – Famous People Who’re Church Of Satan Members – Popular Satanists

While the church of Satan is a secret cult some members who are proud of it have come open that they are satanists. Infact these people whose hell fire awaits unless they repent claim they now have their own version of satanism bible.

These are musicians, movie stars and famous folks in every walks of life.

And they are:

  • Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson)
  • David Vincent (Morbid Angel)
  • King Diamond (Mercyful Fate)
  • Marc Almond
  • Alkaline Trio
  • Thomas Thorn (Electric Hellfire Club)
  • Charly Boy Nigerian
  • Denrele Edun Nigerian

Keep in mind that the above list doesn’t include the names of all church of satan members worldwide.

Again believers beware, do not because of sudden wealth sell your soul to the devil. Joining the church of Satan has dangerous consequences.

If the devil gives your one thing, he will not tell you what he will take from you until he gets you stalked in a place of no return.

After reading stories and confession of former church of satan, secret society members, I have come to realise that joining the occult world is a dangerous mission.

It’s like going against the God who created you.

A word is enough for the wise

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14 thoughts on “Famous People In Church Of Satan – Popular Satanists

  1. I cant blame them cos everybody want 2 rule his or her own world,wanna get rich,strong nd respectable.

  2. belivers are means to have faith in any circumstance they find there self and also give thanks to allah and pray onto him to take away their sorrow and pains not to seek help from any other thing exept allah and who ever do shall witness the wrath of allah and it is written in the only quran that when the world seem to come 2 an end strange things will start happening and now world is gettin close…devil gives nothing but decieveness just to win your soul and choose you as one of the people that will keep him accompany in hell which i pray every one of us should not be his victim…what a pity for you man to gain the whole world and loose your soul, and once u do. you cry in everlasting pain.

  3. nija da bad nut,is spoiling ur name,luk at hw pple are ready to kill,too bad,u ar given nigeria a bad name.

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