Father Jailed For Impregnating His Daughter,16

father impregnates daughter

August 28, 2012 – Father Jailed For Impregnating His Daughter

Tajudeen Sanni, 54, a generator repair man has been jailed for impregnating his 16 year old daughter in Lagos State, Nigeria. naijagists.com

Oyo born Sanni was charged at a family court in Kakawa for the impregnation of his daughter.

His 16-year old daughter is now in the custody of Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation for proper care.

The girl accused Sanni of sleeping with her severally which resulted in her pregnancy.

Sanni confessed he slept with his daughter 4 times.

The 54 year old man said his daughter has been deflowered by an unknown man and that she could’ve gotten pregnant by other men who had intimacy with her.

He was slammed with 2-count charge of indecent carnal knowledge of his daughter and sexual assault.

Sanni however pleaded not guilty and was granted bail in the sum of N100,000 with 2 sureties in the like sum.

His case has been adjourned till Sept 3rd, 2012.

25 thoughts on “Father Jailed For Impregnating His Daughter,16

  1. Dirt Bastard Pervert!!! I hope your dick shrivels with every ailment known to man!! Ole!!! Oloshi!!

  2. lolz, granted bail for N100,000 for commitn dis crime? he is supposed to be gven 10yrs imprisonment wtot bail.

  3. Wat is dis country turnin in2,may God have mercy on us.how cld a father sleep wit his own flesh and blood,are’nt there gals everywer kant he gt one 4 himself,may God deliver hm

  4. He is a mad dog. what kind of justice is this? this is incest and the judiciary allow such a man to move on the street freely. this is a ticket for him to commit more sexual harassment. moreover he will not be punished just to pay some paltry sum and he will be free. May God punish him in life and in death. The life of his daughter is now an object of ridicule.

  5. Oh,what a sacrenish is these?
    in fact is a very big tabus.u dis old povert!!! Man,u ar a bitch. Remain der in jailed.

  6. Jesus Christ! Dis man most b demonic, he is a disgrace 2 fatherhood. He shud b jailed 4 d rest his life eatin his own flesh an drinkin his own blood in jail. D gal is also wrong shud undastn dat he is ha dad an nt ha bf. Lord hv mercy on diz nation

  7. Hun……. wot a shameless father, he doesn’t worth living,he should be sent 2 d desert bcos only god knows his next action after he might ve been released & besides where is d mother?. Anyways, there re alot of stupid,useless & idiotic father out there

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