Fidelity Bank MD Nnamdi Okonkwo Arrested For Collecting $115Million From Diezani To Buy Votes For GEJ

April 28, 2016 – EFCC Arrests Fidelity Bank Managing Director Nnamdi Okonkwo Arrested For Receiving $115 Million From Diezani To Buy Votes For GEJ, Goodluck Jonathan

  • EFCC Declares Deizani’s Son, Ugonna Madueke Wanted
  • Diezani Pays Fidelity Bank $25million To Bribe INEC Officials To Rig Election For Jonathan
  • How Top Oil Companies In Nigeria Contributed $90 million To Buy Votes For GEJ

The managing Director of Fidelity Bank, Mr Nnamdi Okonkwo has been arrested in connection with $115 million he allegedly collected from former Petroleum minister Diezani Madueke to buy votes for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Also arrested is Mr Martin Izuogbe, the Head of operation at the New Generation Bank.

The whopping sum was donated by big oil companies and Diezani who handed over $25million , all converted into N23.3 billion to bribe INEC officials to rig 2015 election for Goodluck Jonathan.

This new scandal gate was opened by a woman hired as resident electoral Commissioner for Rivers State.

nnamdi okonkwo arrested

Gesila Khan’s confession has forced EFCC to launch a manhunt for Diezani’s son, Ugonna Madueke.

13 thoughts on “Fidelity Bank MD Nnamdi Okonkwo Arrested For Collecting $115Million From Diezani To Buy Votes For GEJ

  1. More criminals turning in on daily basis. This well fed well dressed Fedelity bank manager may soon exchange this his fine suits with kirikiri‘s free uniforms.

    Chai… See money, the hight of bribery in Naija is taller than the former World twin trade centre bombed by Osama Bin Laden o. Just check this out, N23.3 BILLION!!! Bribe?

    I take a stroll…

  2. When they say that 2015 elections proved the costliest elections in Nigeria’s history, I believe that. Those who favour GEJ’s wasteful ways should as well believe that. The picture is becoming clearer. Imagine how money flew about like witches from Aso Rock to banks; from banks into people’s pockets. Yet, after everything, GEJ still lost. His trusted friends betrayed him.

    That’s a record! Now they should made to vomit everything.

  3. Sorry @Metu, GEJ friends didn’t fail him. It’s simply this: how can you go to Israel to pray and come back to start bribing people. He went. To churches to pray in Naija too, and his wife visited different prophets. That means he is saying God is not enough. And God cannot be mocked. You cannot serve Him and serve mammon.

  4. Lets be very honest with ourselves,People are crying about the change mantra advocated by the present administration,but for God in heaven sake how can change come over Night with the degree of unimaginable squandring and looting of the countries funds by the previous Government. This closal amount handed to this conspirator of evil is a tocken compared to other squandrings.Weather jonathan likes it or not,he must answer questions.The gesture of conceading defeat,Doesnt mean he wunt answer to justice,As all of dis looting were carried out under his watch n some even with his authorization.This people are heartless but God will see us true.

  5. You’re correct@Tee. I believe we are saying the same thing. God may have used GEJ’s trusted allies to teach him how far.

    On almost the same note, I think that Nigeria would have been worse off by now with the fall in oil price in the international market if GEJ had won in 2015. Although I do not fully endorse PMB’s approach, I am still glad that GEJ lost in his bid to retain power.

  6. wonderful,serious fraud in Naija,i hope They were all brought to book, then it will mark the begining of good naija.

  7. I have one question did bhuari himself win the election fairly?? didn’t APC bribe and bought the election too in the north?? please Nigeria stop with the hypocrisy our incumbent government is corrupt so is the predecessor if we want to fight corruption let’s start from ourseleves and not probe the past government because they’re are your political rivals what about abachas family that stole close to $700m is any body probing or arresting them nope but because it’s PDP they’re corrupt please spare me that northern islamic propaganda nobody is holy!!

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