Flavour Nabania Says He’s Single & Looking, Disses Baby Mamas & Girlfriends “I Have No Time For Marriage”

flavour nabania marriage

March 4, 2015 – Flavour Nabania Says He’s Single & Looking For Love, Disses Baby Mamas & Girlfriends “I Hv No Time For Marriage”

Hot and adorable talented Nigerian singer Flavour recently took to the media to tell his girlfriends that marriage is not on his mind right now.

In an exclusive chat with City People on March 2nd, the singer talked about his relationship status and why he may not marry soon.

In his words:

“Though I have a baby mama, But I am still very much single and searching. Not that I wouldn’t want to get married one day, I will definitely get married but I don’t have the time to settle down for marriage now. I am all over the place pursuing my career. I will want to give my family attention and the best when I finally decide to settle down as my parents gave me. My family raised me up by monitoring my activities so I will like to do same for my family. But that is not my priority now because I need more time to plan for that and I need to pursue my career first”

Flavour Nabania’s romance wardrobe is full of women. In September of last year, he welcomed a baby girl with model Sandra Okagbue.

He was once linked with ex-MBGN Anna Banner and Namibian BBA winner Dillish Mathews.

12 thoughts on “Flavour Nabania Says He’s Single & Looking, Disses Baby Mamas & Girlfriends “I Have No Time For Marriage”

  1. It is only a foolish lady that will date this idiot pls what is so special about him that he’s changing women like clothes

    • Lola Rae, are you means wetin you are say? Is jealosy you are do to Flavour. I am shor say you wishing for him. But it no go hapun. Sorry to be you.

  2. This guy must be a player that is why he is not ready for marriage because he cannot stick with one woman,I think he just want to use his fame to sleep with different women. Oniranu o ni se ku se .

  3. @Lola & Tokunbo Plz I Want To Ask U A Question,Did Flavor Proposed To D Baby-Mama Bf She Got Pregnant,Secondly Did U Attend D Introduction Of D Baby-Mama Bf She Got Pregnant?Let Me Tell U People Something U Don’t Know,Is Like She Want To Nail D Guy Down Wit D Pregnancy But It Didn’t Work As She Planned Cos Flavor Is A Smart Guy Ok So Mind D Way U Talk To My Cousin Ok.

    • You are so right. No woman in her right senses should think getting pregnant for a dude will change his mindset of settling down with her.
      God will continue to use favor’s songs to bring incredible joy to everyone’s life. He is the original swagged male singer of all time, no one had even come closed to his visions and ideas because it was from above.
      Just one advise to him (wear raincoat) not just for pregnancy, but diseases, i am in healthcare career in America. He needs to be careful and be save.
      God Bless.

  4. If a man doz nt wnt a child 4rm a particular woman,den he wud av 2 use protection no mata aw she insist..except u wnt 2 av children 4rm diff women..and one tin we ladies shud kw is dat,u dnt use pregnancy 2 get an intelligent hu doz nt wnt 2 av anytin wit u. No mata aw hard u try

  5. Celebs and shitty stories sha. After this talk, girls will still be hovering about him like flies without direction.
    As for Flavour, can’t really blame the dude, una know wetin gals use him eye see wen e no get money ni? Now he’s got it, gals won’t let him be.Guys who faced rejection from girls at a time they had nothing tend to act like flavour is doing now. Ehen! Flavour, that’s not to say I’m in support of your lifestyle o. But then again, it’s what it is, YOUR LIFE.

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