Delta Politician Hon. Chief Friday Eluro Arrested For Torturing Innocent Woman

friday eluro arrested

Delta State Politician Hon. Chief Friday Eluro Arrested For Humiliating Innocent Woman

A high chief from Owanta area of Ika has been arrested for humiliating an innocent woman.

Hon Chief Friday Eluro, a special assistant to Delta state governor allegedly ordered his boys to humiliate the woman for insulting him.

The woman named Dada who is a mother of one was tied up, stripped naked and beaten by the youths as seen in a viral video posted online.

According to activist Prince Emefiele Harrison, the politician has been arrested and is currently detained at the Delta state CID in Asaba.

The Delta State Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, also earlier today sacked him for ordering the dehumanization of a woman.

The Governor, in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Charles Aniagwu, said he frowned at the unwarranted assault on the woman, especially, from his appointee, who ought to ensure that rule of law is upheld in all situations.

Beyond sacking of the aide, the Governor has also directed full investigation into the incident with a view to serving the interest of justice.

Here is a Press statement Harrison released on his arrest and detention.

Delta state governor, Ifeanyi Okowa, has sacked one of his aides, Friday Eluro, for allegedly ordering the assault of a woman who he claimed insulted him in Agbor, a community in the state where he is a high chief. A video of the attack went viral after an angry resident of the community posted it online.

The governor’s office saw the video and brought it to his notice. Okowa immediately ordered the sack of Eluro and also a full scale investigation into the matter.

Friday is currently being detained at the State CID Asaba.

Activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, who was involved in the case, gave an update. Read below

Yesterday, we got tagged by Christopher Okonta on a trending video of a woman by youths in Agbor, Delta State

We arrived Agbor, Ika South LGA, Delta State. #TheVictim: Her name is Dada, mother of one, from Abavo, Delta state.

Her Abuser led by Hon. Friday Eluro, his SA to Delta State Governor and a high chief from Agbor Delta State.

He ordered the youths to stripped Dada naked, tied and abused her.

The video attach to this post shows where the woman lives her brother who is also mentally challeged.

Hon. Chief Friday Eluro is currently detained in State CID Asaba. Kudos to @Nigeria Police, Delta State Command.

He has also be sacked by Delta State Governor.
Everyone involved must br prosecuted.
DadaMyMother #Justice4Dada

Thanks to Nigeria Police Force, Delta State Command, Delta State Government for Quick response

15 thoughts on “Delta Politician Hon. Chief Friday Eluro Arrested For Torturing Innocent Woman

  1. That is what happens when terrorists are given political power. A decorated monkey is still and always will be a monkey. Rubbish

  2. Some of these politicians are illiterates who by godfatherism and thuggery found themselves in and close to position of power. I read in another newspaper that this thug who calls himself honorable ordered his boys to beat up this innocent woman because she turned down his advances for sex. Some of them think since they are into politics any woman they talk to must follow them. Sacking him is not enough, him and his boys must serve time in prison.

  3. With the action from the Governor, i believe Nigeria is heading somewhere, the beast must pay for his money drunk action.

  4. This is a shame. An Ika man? This is against our Culture. I hail our Governor for prompt action. The whole Ika nation must rise against this inhuman conduct. All our Obis must condemn this sad act of a man who is supposed to be a politician to represent us.

  5. Take away the honourable title attach to the bastard and send him and the rest idiots to jail if that alone can be done the PDP is sure of my vote.

  6. I hope he is thought the lesson of his life. That’s how they insult people here and there when they feel they are up there

  7. For me, I was just horrified to watch on the Internet a defenseless lady being brutalized and dehumanized, arms and legs tied up, solid young men hammering heavy blows on her rib cages/face with brazen impunity and gargantuan audacity as if there is no tomorrow. I said this is happening in Nigeria? As if that wasn’t bad enough, I quickly noticed the thugs were speaking my native language while dispensing a heinous crime with Jungle Justice. Our younger generation must alter the way they think because we now live in a global village, the world is experiencing Information Age: whatever you do even privately is no longer hidden, it can be video taped very quickly. These criminals should be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law. Period.

  8. I was so sad when I saw the video. One thing I know is that God in heaven will never allow this useless man and his boys to go free. I am very happy with the action that my able governor has taken. Please my governor make sure that this man and his boys pay for this inhuman treatment giving to the woman so that all those people doesn’t have respect for human beings because they are in power will learn their lesson.

  9. I feel so sad seeing the same man who tired the woman in that video moving freely on the street every day. Please get that man to face the law, I hate seeing him every day when he was suppose to be in police net with the ticket to prison.

    • That is deplorable and ridiculous; how is he able to walk around after such a crime against humanity?….how is it possible to say that state is govern properly if such criminal entities are allowed to walk free. This news is global and the video is viral so the story is being watched and followed thanks to the internet…If lengthy sentences are not handed out the entire justice system in the country is called to question.

  10. I would have said the same insult, humiliation and torture melted on the woman should be given to that nonentity Friday Eluro, his thugs, daughter and wife because that woman humiliated is also a daughter, mother and wife of somebody. Let them be beaten and strip naked in the same city where the incident happened and then post on social media but because there’s law in Nigeria and the image of our country not to be more dented, so let the government do the right justice. Very illiterate that was just given a taste of power.

  11. My concern is after this our hues and cries, the wicked dishonorable Friday Eluro will be out of police station, will hire SANs in their hundreds, pay judges good money, will be free of all his offenses and will be let lose on the society to continue his wickedness on innocent women and men.
    No be Nigeria?
    …….. hissing.

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