Funke Adesiyan Urges Nollywood Stars Buying Mansions To Invest In Farming

funke adesiyan farming

September 22, 2016 – Funke Adesiyan Urges Nollywood Stars Buying Mansions To Venture Into Farming

Alleged Nollywood Runs Girl, Funke Adesiyan who recently dumped acting for politics is back in the spotlight.

The Ibadan-based actress told colleagues on IG yesterday that her investment in Agriculture has started paying off.

She said she has been able to save enough money that will sustain her for the rest of her life through farming.

Hear what Miss Adesiyan told doubting Thomases yesterday:

8 thoughts on “Funke Adesiyan Urges Nollywood Stars Buying Mansions To Invest In Farming

  1. She’s simply right, most times we need to think long terms cos that’s what matters most.
    No matter d runs some girls do, it’s ur investmens u use ur money to do that matters. If social media called her a runs girl, isn’t she better than d ones spending vacation almost allk over d world and in expensive hotels? But she invested hers in a very long lasting business that’ll keep yielding her money in good and bad times just like now. More success ahead

  2. That obviously is the wisest and the best advice one can ever give to anyone who has the money. Rather than using many open and empty lands to only build gigantic and attractive estates for corrupt entities in the country. Much more can be achieved if we use many of those lands and those millions we have in our accounts to invest in agriculture. This no doubt will go a long way in reducing the high prices of food in the market and also reduce the food insecurity confronting the nation. And that same person can still be assured of making billions out of the investment with time only if he or she is dedicated and focus on that business. Small scale agriculture can also benefit if he or she has some money in account to start with. The fact is, now is the time to invest in agriculture when our currency have already provided the right condition for it creating more opportunity for export of our farm produce to other countries. And before we know it,our economy will start taking shape. Government should also assist those who doesn’t have the capital to start with. Collective efforts is needed if we are to revive the state of our economy in Nigeria.

  3. Alleged Runs girl have an amazing brain that most that called themselves saints don’t have. You rocks girl.
    (I want a wife like her)

  4. Good advice. As already commented, farming requires commitment and not absentee farmers if you hope to make it,

    Wish you the best and we pray Nigeria recovers fast !!!

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