Funke Akindele Twins Babies Died At Birth: Jenifa Delivers Dead Babies At 6 Months Of Pregnancy

funke akindele delivered dead babies

Nov 27, 2017 – Funke Akindele Bello Twins Reportedly Died At Birth… Actress Seeks Privacy As Bad Prophecy About Conception Comes To Pass

  • Jenifa Delivered Dead Babies (Twins) At 6 Months Of Pregnancy, Seeks Privacy

NG can confirm with you that Nollywood comedienne Funke Akindele Bello is currently mourning the loss of her twin babies.

The actress who reportedly conceived through IVF is said to have lost her babies months ago but kept mum even as fans and some of her friends were desperately seeking for answers when they saw her with flat belly with no evidence of childbirth for the first time last week.

A group of 3 Nollywood stars who met at a function yesterday broke the news to NG but the main source who broke the sad report said she was told Funke Akindele delivered her babies (a boy and girl) dead months ago but decided to keep mum to confuse her adversaries while hoping for a miracle conception.

The source said the actress wishes to keep the news of her still birth off the media because it is something that brings sorrow to her anytime she remembers.

funke akindele still born babies

Another source added that the actress is planning to release a press statement to clear the confusion soon.

The Nollywood source hinted that Akindele was told to hold on for now and conceive before breaking the sad news.

“When Funke Akindele was travelling out to deliver her babies, I saw her because she was really heavy.  She even advised us not to take her pictures. It is very painful when my husband’s friend told us that the babies came out dead.” – the source added

NaijaGists was told the actress delivered a baby dead while another one who came out in a distressed state died hours later despite doctors intervention.

Her hope of becoming a mother may have been dashed into pieces but she should never lose hope because with God all things are possible.

Take heart Funke. God is your strength.

49 thoughts on “Funke Akindele Twins Babies Died At Birth: Jenifa Delivers Dead Babies At 6 Months Of Pregnancy

  1. Sorry funke take heart. may be ou should adopt a baby, this stress is too much for you and age is not in your favour

    • There is a reason why it is said ”if you can’t say anything good then shut the f**k up”. Who the **** are you to tell a grieving mother age is not on her side.

  2. Naija gist this is not fair. If actually what u saying is true then please leave funke alone she doesn’t need all this now?

  3. Sorry about that Funke. Pls stay away from social media next time u are pregnant. when it is 2months just travel out of d country. God bless u.

  4. cannot believe this news, as i hope its false?
    I await to hear the joy birth of our twin babies soon to be announced by funke.

  5. I dreamt long ago before I really knew who you were, that you belong to a masquerade cult and they call you their daughter and give you wealth. Don’t know how to reach you except through here but please renounce them. You are already set as an actress on your own level.

    • hmmmmm eyin ayeeeeee,we need to on know,we are interested in your case we need to see in our office tomorrow to come and read my future for me,infact buhari need u and Nigeria need you more.

  6. urgly woman, why not keep your business to yourself, stupidity is responsible for her trouble, proud, talking too much and showig off.

  7. Dear Funke,

    May God comfort you. May God Almighty restore that which the enemy has stolen and may HE put a smile on your face. You will laugh like the way you make others to laugh by HIS grace and Power. You will give birth to your biological children by the grace of God!
    I have been in this situation before. I lost a pregnancy at 24 weeks here in America. This was supposed to be a precious child after almost seven years that I had my first.The amniotic fluid surrounding the child dried up. Only God in heaven knows why. I do not have any underlying illness, I am a registered nurse/midwife and should know when there is anything abnormal with me when I am pregnant.I believe that God allowed it for a reason which is best known to HIM alone.God blessed me again 6 months later and today, I have a handsome 21 months old son. When I became pregnant again, I did not tell any soul.It was just between me and my husband not even my best friend and I was always praying, no negative thoughts and lest I forget,one doctor here in the States told me I had a miscarriage because I was bleeding and expelling some tissues but that was not true. I had to go to the emergency when I noticed that the bleeding stopped 2 days later. I had another scan in the hospital and another doctor told me that the baby is there. I do not share my kids photograph on Facebook. when they grow up, they can do that themselves.
    My dear Funke, It will end in praise for you. Just continue to trust in God and not man, know who you confide in.If possible, do not post any photograph in Facebook or any other social media while pregnant. If you have any awards, send a representative to get it. I know that as christians, God Almighty protects us but Elizabeth the mother of John the baptist hid herself for 5 months while pregnant because she felt that she was old and people will laugh at her.
    You are a mother by the grace of God and you will carry your children by HIS special grace, Amen!.
    Relax, God is in control and HE has the final say over your life and all that concerns you.
    I have been your fan since high school with your program: “I NEED TO KNOW”.

  8. Funk, please try to keep anything to do with pregnancy secret. It is not everybody that rejoice with you are your Friends. Next time please try to keep it secret i know with your reputation is very hard .

  9. I really don’t want say take heart but I know God is at work, the lord will give you the one that will stay forever and make you happy for life. Pls I have a word of advice for u, Yoruba will say ti isu eni ba Nina aama nfowo foje no.I believe the lord will again. Pls stay off so ial media

  10. I can’t believe this,am very sure that very soon the truth will be out, infact I still dream of you today,that I came to Amen estate to rejoice with you for the arrival of your twins,and I believe that do shall it be

  11. I still don’t believe this at all. I’m not the type that post or comment on social medias or on the internet but this really moved me.
    Funke, the Lord will fight your battle.
    I know you pray but I will advice you meet prophet like Baba Olukoya (MFM) or Baba Adeboye for deliverance and more guidance. God can use His servant for you. Remember the recent testimony of Baba Oyedepo about the plane crash, how God sent baba Adeboye to go and pray for him. Is it that Baba Oyedepo doesn’t pray? Ofcourse he does but spiritual issues is so deep that only fools will try to use common sense to interpret. There is power in anointing.
    You will be celebrated very soon. The Lord will bring all your enemies to an open shame. I pray for you on behalf of all mothers that you shall become a mother soon. The Lord bless you

  12. Funke is so painful to hear dis so sorry my sister,God is ur strength pls take heart hold on to God I believe God will visit u very soon

  13. Very soon you will laugh your laugh and dance your dance over every mountain you are surrounded with in Jesus name

  14. Please for God sake,hid yourself,money is not your problem.God is on your side,you will overcome all your enemies in Jesus name.Jesus loves you.

    • Funke you need to be strong and don’t let this trial period distract ur attention.U need to be strong for u to shame devil and his agents.With God all things are possible. You will surely has ur own children very soon in Jesus name.

  15. I don’t believe all this sad story co’s it is not for you. But still , God has a way of testing our faith in him. Don’t think he has forgotten about you because when we are week he become stronger, he never sleeps nor slumber ,he works in a way we cannot see, so cast all your cares on him. Meanwhile, if this is all Ng gest then please shericoco (Funke) I like that movie, go down on your knees in prayers and God’s intervention co’s there is power in the tongue to give live and also to destroy it. Don’t take it as usual joke’s co’s you don’t know who might be working against you.

  16. The Lord is ur strength .God will bless you with another one.dis month of December g shall be ur month of testimonies

  17. chi baby tell me why,kilode why do you want her to adopt instead of you should keep praying for her,may be you should give her any of your baby or sibling

  18. Funke you are a believer and the Bible says with God all things are possible,am very much convinced that soon and very soon, you will be a mother, age is not a barrier, God is not a God of age,hold on to your faith and dont stop believing God. It is well with you.

  19. For power above power he will surely bless you in JESUS Christ name. We shall call you with new name ijmN BEULAH AND EPHSIBAH SHALL BE YOUR HOME.I cares

  20. I felt bad when I heard the sad news, God that does not slumber nor sleep will certainly bless you again, be still he is God.

  21. May Almighty Allah give u another so sorry funke.may God give triplets.if u pregnant again don’t tell anyone travel out.u will be blessed

  22. My dear funke,(omi lo danun,akeregbe re ko to)HE gives and takes,HE has just proved 2 d would that HE is ur maker,potterand provider,HE will give u d ones dat will stay with u 4 life ijn

  23. It so sad when I heard this shocking new,, but God that has made it der before will do it again. Sister funke aka fight na food pls take heart ND I want u too know that I love u so much ND u are my number one biggest fan

  24. Haaa peleoooo so painful, The lord is your strength.May the lord almight grant you your heart desire ijn.

  25. Her priorities is underestimated. She too like show off and money. Live your life of no responsibility. You loose an opportunity that might likely not regained. May Allah forgive and bless you with another baby

  26. it so sad when i heard this shocking news, it was so painful to me. i pray that Almighty God we bless you with another baby in Jesus name

  27. God giveth and he taketh. His ways is not the ways of men. He will surely do it again. Take heart, my dear friend.

  28. Once you hav it again dont let anyone hear about it please you have the money to travel out please do that tori opo a langba lo da nu de le ao mo e yi ti nu ro take care and take heart more we come to make you surprise every day more love for you…………..

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