Funny Prayer Points For Single Guys & Ladies

bizarre prayer points

June 30, 2013 – Funny Prayer Points For Single Guys & Ladies

I was meditating when a close friend send this to me.

I am still trying to figure out the meaning.

Read the bizarre prayer points meant for single guys and ladies below;

  • Burn me with the fire of wedlock Lord, roast meee!!!
  • Crash the plane of my singleness Lord, Crash eeee###
  • Jam me with the lorry of holy matrimony Jehovah!
  • My father my Lord, detonate the bomb of engagement in my life

I must confess this gave me a good Sunday laugh…..

Hahaha my belle is hurting oooo. Laughter no go kill person…

If you’re single, would you pray the above?

5 thoughts on “Funny Prayer Points For Single Guys & Ladies

  1. Very funny,bt dier are tins one does nt include in jokes,no matter d play,God respects prayer,we should be careful wth d way we joke,I mean when it comes to God d Almighty.

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