Genevieve Nene Is Dead: Nollywood Actress Dies In Her Sleep In Lagos, Corpse Taken To Mbaise

genevieve nene is dead

May 4, 2016 – Genevieve Nnaji Not Dead: Fast Rising Video Vixen, Actress Genevieve Nene Dies In Her Sleep In Lagos

Genevieve Nene Is Dead: Nigerian Actress Dies In Her Sleep In Lagos , Corpse Taken To Home Town In Mbaise Imo State For Burial

Nollywood has lost another rising star. Budding movie star Genevieve Nene has died.

The Mbaise-born Nollywood actress who started acting about two years ago passed away in her sleep on Saturday the 30th of April 2016 at her apartment in Lekki Lagos.

According to friends, Genevieve complained of weakness on a movie set about two weeks ago and excused herself.

Two days later, she was rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed with Malaria and Typhoid. She was placed on antibiotic but sadly she died in her sleep over the weekend.

Her body has been taken to her hometown in Mbaise Imo State for burial.

nollywood actress dies in her sleep in lagos

The deceased actress was a popular video vixen before she ventured into Nollywood.

She has worked with entertainers like Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, Selebobo and many others.

Contrary to a rumour that went viral earlier today, the late actress was not related to Genevieve Nnaji though they both came from the same town.

Genevieve Nene looking weak and fragile a week after battling Typhoid fever and Malaria.

Her last Instagram post and responses from fans.

May her soul rest in peace (amen).

58 thoughts on “Genevieve Nene Is Dead: Nollywood Actress Dies In Her Sleep In Lagos, Corpse Taken To Mbaise

  1. Do you know what? My mind skiped a bit when I just read the headings
    “Genevieve Nene is dead“ good God! I tought it was our Genny but turn out differently. May God continue to protect
    G. Nnaji and also console the family of G. Nene.
    R.I.P Beautiful Angel.

    I take a stroll…

  2. This type of death is becoming so regular that Doctors urgent enlightenment on the possible causes and prevention is needed

  3. How many people has nollywood lost already? 6? 7? A new year prophecy had it that nollywood would lose many members this year. I guess they didn’t take it seriously.

    I also thought it was Genevieve Nnaji. Though I thank God it’s not her, her life is not any worthier than this one who has left, because all flesh is grass, and all its glory the flower of a grass.


  4. chai bt why know my prayer is dat dead should stop taking the goog ones y not it start wth the badones,actors and actrss need to pray about every . kind of movie de act

  5. I don’t know u lil pretty girl this is d first time…so sad it really touched my precious mind, always love u and remember u in our
    midst…oh good lord it so painful #SOBBS

  6. RIP Gene May your soul rest in peace.
    Death knows no pretty nor urgly.
    Keep your ways straight

  7. Genevieve nnaji might be her killer. She wants to be the one and only Genevieve. Hmm God have mercy


  9. Tho its on unfortunate that we have lost one of our actress on saturday its so painful she was looking odd when she came for rehasals few weeks ago so so sad bye genevieve nene we meet again

  10. who is Jlo? what part of the world are you from? common that is not a good joke. pray for the deceased and park well rather than trying to stir emotions and work of people without a mind’s psychology

    Ypou are forgiven Jlo please let be careful with our words, writing in public and take care of your thoughts when alone. Be good Jlo! i know you dont mean it but please dont think awkward next time . huh! stay blessed.


  11. Chaiiiiiiii……its nt Fair oooooooooooh..,so na sand go come de chop dis kind fine girl…rip dearie

  12. God! When my sis called me to tell me that Nnaji is dead, i said no that it can’t be. So to go throught net to verify when i confirmed is another Gene, but all thesame i felt bad too b/c her family has lost a glamorous prety damsel. Rip dear

  13. They just took my 6ter on 13th Feb.After anoda person on 12th Feb.Now ,this one.I can’t join d movie industry when my late 6ter asked me to join them.

  14. if d story that Genevieve Nnaji is dead is a real story, wonders they said shall never end! Is quite a sad and shocking news!! Could it be malaria and typhoid that kill her? I think her dead is beyond that. Her case Is a spiritual case not physical case…

  15. Death iz a dept which we mst pay gene haz cleard left 4 us to pray for her becuz dat iz de only gift dat can get to her R.I.P

  16. this is a causion to all young people, to put our life in order so when that time comes we will be prepare.acting,dancing,singing or what does not make you survive or is God’s grace.RIP my sister if it is with the Lord.

  17. Only one person is wishing her to enter heaven the rest of you are only more concerned with beauty that is a facade it speaks a volume abot how far away from god you really are,too unfortunate.i hope she walked in the path of Christ in her life time…may her soul rest really in peace this should be a lesson that eternity is d only permanent thing stop chasing vanity and stay focused on Jesus alone!

  18. lts so painful 4rm actress and actor dealth on time without accepting christ and forgive us our tespress.may God keep her and his rest in peace

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