Genevieve Nnaji Flaunts N4 Million Rolex Watch

genevieve nnaji rolex watch 4 million

Nov 8, 2013 – Genevieve Nnaji Flaunts N4 Million Rolex Watch

If you think D’banj is the only Nigerian celebrity living a lavish lifestyle, you better think twice.

Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji who was recently spotted with one of the most expensive purse brand in the world has been tagged a lavish spender.

The mother of one shared the above photos of her self rocking an expensive silver Rolex watch on her Instagram page few weeks ago, little did we know that the watch in question is a $25,000 rare brand of the luxury watch.

From expensive mansion to expensive bag now expensive wrist watch, mama Chimebuka got them all. She is truly blessed.

Hmmmmm is Nollywood this lucrative abi she dey do corner corner business?

29 thoughts on “Genevieve Nnaji Flaunts N4 Million Rolex Watch

  1. Genny abeg flex small o ur fans dey watch u
    My only wish for you is marriage all these gadgets make no sense to me

    • don’t know why we have this mentality of ”everybody getting married”. there is no place in the bible, that states all must get married. the alarming rate of divorce in Nigeria would make one think twice. she has a daughter i think that is enough for her if she is not considering marriage.

    • @ jumai….u guys can be enemies of progress i swear….are u dia when atiku was fu**ing her ass??get a life guy..and grow up

  2. am nt hear 2 conden buh our celebs can spend money any ow and is every bad. Imaging D banj wearing suit of 1M amd genny a rolex watch of 4M der can use dis money 2 help d poor or der can use dis money 4 anoda beta tinz dan buying xpensive tinz e no gud oooo

  3. it can elevate kids in ur village out of their present condition or even pay their fees in their various school or start occupation for such..misplaced priorities

  4. Dis is irrelevances n unprofitable engagements. If i may ask, Wat else does d watch do dan telling d tym? If so, if i hv 2 purchase a watch dis xpensive, dat watch shld b able 2 tell me whn Jesus Christ will come.

  5. Haba! Watin dey 4m wrist watch, I have used a wrist watch worth 3.5m last 3yrs, how much do she have that she always flaunt everything she uses, small chicken change

  6. Dear Genny. Carry on. Of course we all know lyf is too short. So, enjoy it as much u cn, afterall, its ur own money. None else’s…
    But then, u shuldnt forget where u cn do good for those wiv nothing. Start somewhere. Take d right path dat leads to a peaceful next…

  7. Genny,if you ever need a bodyguard when stepping out,Red is your girl,I can handle anything,I shoot without missing even if the target is in motion.girl seriously you need a strong adviser,is getting out if hand oo,it might be the last stage of shopping addiction,it happened to me till my sister stepped in and freeze all my credit card in the our freezer,you keep buying the things you need and those you will never use in life,I remember buying a pair of CL shoe for $2200 and when it was not my perfect size,I had to sleep outside their shop that night to enable me return it and get my money back when the madness cleared from my eyes and head,not minding the make una no too blame am,her sisters should pls talk to her if was my one time sickness for the betterment of her and the man that will marry her.I rebuke the spirit of shopping madness in the life of anybody in this naijagist. because the thing dey dangerous oo,you no happy till you spend unnecessary money for the thing wey you no go like d next day,na him be number symptom .

    • Hahahah madam red ur comment is too funny see me laughing alone in my room
      make person no kill me for naijajists o

  8. Well…that is celebs life…they love bn noticed where ever they are…is like that all over the world…so jenny keep on rocking…but my little concern is that..i stand to be corrected thou…i av never heard of any charity work jenny is championing…or see her giving back to pple…unlike chika ike ..atubborn jim iyke and co..

  9. Nollywood is all about copying Hollywoodin the state.Showcasingwhateverthey have to the public rarely help the poor. The same way their marriage crashes within years.

  10. our celebrities should use their money wisely even though they struggled to get it but buying this expensive watch worth millions i think the money can be used for better things like helping those that we are better of than. abeg genny think twice.

  11. D Hunter,Am sure i will not be hitting the gym for 6months,you made me laugh so much that i can see my six packs fighting against each other,I need same watch pls.thanks for this.

  12. its your money Genny girl however you got it is your business, life is for the living, money is for the spending.

    don’t know why we keep judging others when a good number of us have terrible secrets

  13. Una no go school at all…watin Una call them? celebrity. So the need to do all this tins and buy all to create more awareness and power. So do ur own tin and let them be


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