Ghanaian Actor Turned Evangelist, Majid Michel Comes After Fake Pastors,Call Them Money Grabbers

Majid michel evangelist

Oct 26, 2016 – Ghanaian Actor Turned Evangelist,  Majid Michel Comes After Fake Pastors, Call Them Money Grabbers & Adulterers

The popular Lebanese-Ghanaian actor who recently surrendered his life to Christ has come after Pastors serving God in the flesh.

See what the cute actor told fans on the social media yesterday:

10 thoughts on “Ghanaian Actor Turned Evangelist, Majid Michel Comes After Fake Pastors,Call Them Money Grabbers

  1. Honestly without being judemental… I want to say most of all these actors becoming pastors were never called by God. Most of them had taken to pastorial work as an easy way out of frustration and stagnation in their acting careers.

    Thats why we have many fake pastors around today. Pure business. If in a some churches today we have about 3-4 pastors you will understand what am talking about.

    If in a single Church we have what they called
    (1) The senior Pastor.
    (2) The junior Pastor.
    (3) The resident Pastor.
    (4) The associate Pastor.
    Then you will understand what am talking about.

    In those days, Pastors are called by God. When a pastor prayed something happens but today what do we have? You‘ll see somebody with Swagger hair style or Afro, punk with jerry coil with a memorized man made composed speaking in tongue using some magical Rings to perform. Will tell you he is an evangelist/pastor/deacon so and so. Now, they have even change the trend.
    It is now the era of the “PROPHETS“
    Everybody now is a prophet.
    May God help us IJN.

    I take a stroll…

  2. So now you have turned Evangelist, endeavor to make a difference and let people see in you the fire and brimstone pastors of old.
    Meanwhile, continue to pray for those fallen ones that God should turn them into desired instruments for conversion of souls to God. I for one believe it is no mistake that Peter it was that Our Lord Jesus Christ chose to ” lead His flock” . It is the impulsive, the cowardly, the brash and the weak… Peter who can understand and accommodate such weaknesses in others and without being judgmental lead them back to the right path they had turned away from. Strong people often are impatient with the fallen and the weak because such are strange to their characters, but a vast majority of human beings belong to the “not strong” group who need a helping hand to hold them up.
    Pray for those materialistic pastors and I an confident the will change for the better and preach and live The Gospel as they should. I wish you luck in the Ministry for it is not easy !!!

  3. So true my brother, the pastors now want people to worship them and it should not be so. Well said and pray that God will use you to tell others about His love for us all. God bless you.

  4. May God strengthen you, it is not easy come from that side to the side of God. If you are truely seeking God in truth and holiness please close your eyes to the world and don’t judge. Because the things of this world will discourage you. Remain strong in the Lord and may God bless you.

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