Ghanaian Man Who Slept Inside Graves For 30 Years To Get Spiritual Power Laments

ghanaian man sleeps inside graves for 30 years

August 28, 2016 – Ghanaian Man Who Slept Inside Graves For 30 Years To Get Spiritual Power& Money Cries Out For Help

Meet Mr Philip Mensah a 40-year-old Ghanaian man who got into trouble after he went sleeping in graves in search of spiritual powers.

The resident of New Juaben in Eastern part of Ghana revealed how he has been sleeping in the region of the dead in the past 30 years so as to gain spiritual powers.

In a recent interview with Ghana-based media outlet, Adom News, Mensah said in his quest to become a spiritual giant, he went to consult a spiritualist in Anum Boso area of Ghana who advised him to vacate his home to the broken tomb.

In his words:

“My desire is to gain powers that will enable me to discover hidden secrets like how to tell when one will die, one’s future, how to retrieve stolen items, how to make spiritual money, among many others, made me pay heed to the advice of Togbe Azakli who directed me to spend time with the dead in their broken tombs to gain the spiritual powers that I have been wishing for over the past 30 years.

Now that I have the power, I cannot spend even two hours of my life without visiting a cemetery. I battle with different spirits, but I do not suffer any spiritual attack whenever I stay in my new home- cemetery.

“Life has become unbearable for me because I cannot even stay with the living and make money out of the powers I have. All efforts to stop this behaviour have proved futile. I am now living the life of the dead. I advise everybody to be cautious when it comes to issues of spiritualism, especially those that are not related to God.”

After the completion of his 30-year-long ritual, he is now unable to live with the living anymore.

He lamented that the enormous spiritual powers in him has affected his life negatively.

20 thoughts on “Ghanaian Man Who Slept Inside Graves For 30 Years To Get Spiritual Power Laments

  1. FOR THAT THIRTY YEARS YOU SLEPT at the tombs, thousands of demons have possessed you. And now, when you rejoin human society, those demons pester you until you come back to them because they miss you sooooooo much each time you go away. That is very romantic.

    AND SO I SEE no reason for which you should complain. You did what you were asked to do and got the very powers you sought for. You should be congratulating yourself. Just continue staying in the tombs. People like you will locate you there and pay for your services—your forecasts and prophecies, etc. You are now the living dead, and be happy about it because that was your dream all your life.

    WHEN PEOPLE ARE told to depend solely on God, and stay away from certain fetish contaminations, they think it is a useless advice. To conduct genuine deliverance on this guy is going to take more than all these fake pastors that parade themselves everywhere. In fact, when they hear your story, they would give you appointment in 20years, hoping that you would die before then, or delivered by another minister.


  3. He wasted 30 years of his life sleeping at the tomb? Vanity! vanity! vanity! Anyway, what you ordered for is bn served. Go back to ur people they missed you so much, you dont belong to the living.

  4. i don’t know why he is lamenting you have become one of them and they love you so much why do you want to runway from them. imagine a man of 40yrs that as being sleeping with the dead since 10yrs of age.. where were is parent when he took such big risk.. as @koolz will say LIFE GOES ON (LGO) live your life you now a dead man already..

    #clueless human

  5. Forty years of age and has resided with the dead in broken tombs for over thirty years. You mean that at the tender age of ten years or less you already yearned for the questionable powers you now claim to have ? You need no deliverance because living in the tombs with the dead is all the life you know and even if you get delivered, in your new life after deliverance you will feel out of place – like fish out of water. Better stick to tyour present life for the devil you know is better than an angel you do not know Enjoy !!!

  6. If you can surrender your life to Christ, He has power to deliver you from your bondage. Acknowledge your sinful nature, Believe Jesus, Confess your sins, Accept Him as your Saviour.

  7. @keeping it real. Are you praying for God’s kingdom to come, are you holy enough to enter heaven? This man’s story is a big lesson of life to everyone. Especially those seeking for more spiritual powers outside from God’s own. Let him give his life to christ and repent or he should stop complaining and live his whole life as dead man.

    I can seek more spiritual power from God almighty by keeping the ways of God, giving my life to him, serving him and keep reading bible, I will come to realised more and more which will help me increase my spiritual faith and power. Than going to man made God for nonsense power. Anyway I wish him good luck in his journey to the spirit world. LOL.

    • @DHAKA if I make heaven then thanks to the almighty God,because no one knows who’s going to make it,until the last day.I said God may your kingdom come because I’m sick & tired of shocking news every day.How the hell a living human mixing up with the dead for 30 good years. Wish he could find his way to synagogue church of all nations in Nigeria.

  8. Only Holy God is Able. We should always Trust in the Lord at all Times. Thank you Lord for this, May your Name Alone be Glorify.

  9. Interesting.Why didn’t you asked the man what your after effect gonna be before signing up? The funny part is that you can’t help yourself even with your powers! !! Are you kind of advertising yourself indirectly with this stories to the weak ? Oh yea, you are. Good luck

  10. I can’t just stop laughing, and d commentators u all are so hilarious. How can someone be sleeping among d dead for 30 good years and not turn to be dead himself, its like sending a child to d animal kingdom for those years and u expect him to come back d same, there is no way he wouldn’t av started behaving like an animal.
    Mr foolish sorry o, but u deliberately went looking for trouble and u got it so why lament. Only God can deliver u, go for deliverance and be foolish no more.

  11. People should be careful about spiritualism that is not Godly. You are damn right oooo….. Mr. Spiritualism but not until you yourself have spent 3 decades out of your natural life. Oh boy what are you looking for? you want to be like those fake men of Lucifer calling themselves men of God. With the spiritual power that you have now, you can make as much money as you want by deceiving people of little faith who believe anything spiritual. If they have common headache, they will quickly run to their pastors or fake imams.

    One good thing about this horrific incident is, you are regretting your action while you are still alive that no evil spiritual power survives except the one that God has given some certain individuals. This is a big lesson for those who seek power through demons and disguise under a church or a mosque so that people will not suspect them. At the end of the day, they all come to regrettable conclusion “Had I know”.




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