Goat Gives Birth To Human Baby In Ekiti State, Nigeria

goat gives birth human baby nigeria

Nov 27, 2013  – Goat Delivers Human Like Baby In Ekiti State, Nigeria

An unusual birth was witnessed yesterday in a remote city in Ekiti State.

In Ogotun Ekiti, a small town located inside the Ekiti SW LGA, residents were thrown into chaos after a viral story of a goat that gave birth to a human-like baby.

The strange occurrence happened in Lori Oke village, a remote area located 10 km from Ogotun town.

Sunday Ogunmeji, the spokesperson for the community told NAN that a pastor, Daniel Odedele helped in delivering the goat of the strange creature.

“After watching the goat labour for several hours, the pastor took pity on it and courageously pulled the baby out, only for it to turn out to be human-like. The `baby’ had all the features of a human being such as human face, head, hair, female genitals, two legs and two arms with hoofs.

“However, the human-like baby died at about noon as a result of lack of care as the crowd merely trooped there to watch rather than to attempt to save its life,’’ Ogunmeji said.

According to News Agency of Nigeria, an Okada rider who witnessed the strange birth said the mother goat immediately ran away on sighting the strange human-like baby she delivered.

He said the area residents were thrown into confusion on hearing the news.

Local security agents were alerted and after 2 hours on the run, the mother goat was recaptured in the bush.

Oh my! what could have gone wrong?

33 thoughts on “Goat Gives Birth To Human Baby In Ekiti State, Nigeria

  1. goat baby God forbid bad thing
    This is a bad omen for the community
    the man who impregnated the goat must be exposed

  2. I wish DNA test be run on the goat to help find the baby daddy of the goat.This just brought back ugly incident that happened to my pittbull i took home for vacation only to see a neighbor’s son that always follow me and my pittbull around. mounting my dog.I was forced to put the dog down and will never forget the look on the dogs eyes.I will never ever forgive Ebuka the bastard .

    • @red I have never left a comment on this site but I do follow your comment closely

      Sorry about your dog. What do you mean by “forced to put the dog down”
      Did you caught Ebuka having sex with your dog in Nigeria?

      • @red, man sorry about the sordid experience and subsequent death of the pit bull. Did you not invite the police to question this “Ebuka” in question?.

        Now, did they conduct Psychiatric test on him. In my humble opinion, whoever that does a thing like that needs medical help and deliverance.

  3. This is very crazy the man who had sex with the goat must be jailed
    Expect more goat to give birth to human-like goat in Ogotun town

  4. dis is a seriouce mater, and dis is d sign of d end of d life… wonder shall never end… Very soon human wil also give birth 2 a goat

  5. Yeye dey smell….****** people & JUJU…Na 4 only ****** land, jazz plenty.The other time, a woman gave birth 2 a goat-like creature.The other similar one that happened, was a woman who gave birth 2 a moslem Rosary.
    Recently a mermaid fish was stock frozen in a carton amongst other fishes, shockingly, a popular mosque in lagos witnessed a wierd experience when dead,long & 4gotten muslim images came back 2 life….,all of these happened in ******land.GOD SAVE******…..

  6. This Terrible Indeed. People Are So Callous @ This End Time. Well, One Need Not Be Surprised 4 Christ Has Rightly Spoken That The Love Of Many Will Grow Cold In This Last Days. Let Them Continue In Their Dastadly Act In That They Shall End It All Hell Fire Unless They Change.

  7. Thanks Joanna,The Ebuka should be around 12 to 15 years then,I was giving the dog her bath when some friends came by,he promise to help so i left to gist with my friends,I heard my dog gave a chilling noise and went to see if he mistakenly used the car soap thinking is for the dog only to see him making his way with my dog,l had to make the dog rip because I don’t wanna look at her eachtime and remember that scene,Did i answer your question Joanna ?

  8. I can not believe that Red is Diana from my town,JESUS,i remember that Christmas when it happened and they said you left a bullet in ebuka onyeji leg.i love this red too much just no cross her,you use to buy knockouts from America.this world is a small place,so you are my sister,i for know about that chukwudi name, you know that was later seen doing the same thing to a goat after that. go baby red,we are missing your jokes.
    My beautiful sister tell zion that kasi Nwizu said hi , i came to this place to say hi, i have always read your words where you say you as a mother that was why i did know is you. Please bring more knockout any time you come back.do you still tell people uproot your ass when they sit in your chair.

  9. Hello Mr kasi,I presumed you are a guy,my brother,you don’t know how happy right now from hearing from my town,how is everybody my dear,where are based.Zion and are kids are doing great and i will let know you said hi.I feel like am there in person through you.I wonder why people make mountains out of a bump.The bullet was for my dog,the only thing I for to ebuka was to leave the print of my feet on ass.technically am a mom,Biological am not,Am mom and a godmother to 2 of Zion’s kids that’s why i wrote about begin a mom.
    so am not a mom yet but mom to lots of children,I

    love your excitement it’s in yours words,
    Thanks for dragging me closer to home.That word uproot your ass. dead long ago.I love,love this connection,I all be more grateful if on the next time we talk to be outside,The name of the site is naijagist not Diana or redgist,so it don’t have to be all about me in people’s space.my greetings to EVERYBODY IN OUR TOWN,LET THEM RED REALLY LOVES THEM ALL.

  10. I meant to say I will prefer to talk outside najiagist if you feel like,Have a wonderful week my brother.Red loves you all.Thank you very,very much for reaching out,you just made my months not day.

  11. this world is turnx more than sodome and golmoria.but if God cannot destroy these evil thx happenx now adays.then i think he shld hv 4given sodome and golmoria.ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.man go die way e no sick

  12. Now i’m not religious… but i’ve been thinking since i seen this… wasn’t satan precieved to be some demonic goat man? :p hence why Christians fear the inverted pentagram .-. If the male sperm of a human can mate and mix wth that of a goat… wouldn’t it make it possible for the ”goat demon” to be born i.e. from a human female who mated with a male goat or a female goat who mated with a human male? .-. Which would then explain why the bible forbids animal and human to mate without the label of ‘sin’ for it… :p to not make another satan… :p (just a thought)

  13. Wonders they say shall neva end, am not surprised at all, we see n hear different tins everyday,someone in dat village must ve had sex with d said goat, it happend to my goat life,an 18yrs boy met d goat which has jst put to bed in d bush were she was tied to graze n d boy started havin sex wit d goat, he was caught right in d act and was beaten to stupor by d angry mob, rumors has it dat his bin caught before doin that. May God have mercy on this growing youth in Jesus name.

  14. A human can not impregnate a goat the gene is not closely related and the coating of the ovum of a goat is too thick for a human sperm to penetrate this is simply caused by gene mutation and series of radioactive waves dat affected th goat pregnancy or did any of u not do biology

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