Goldie Harvey Snatched My Husband, Took His Money & Rendered Him Useless – Ifeoma Harvey

goldie harvey snatched husband

Feb 17, 2013 – Goldie Harvey Snatched My Husband, Took His Money & Rendered Him Useless – Ifeoma Harvey

Days after the painful death of Nigerian singer Goldie Susan Harvey, a woman has come out accusing the singer of snatching her husband and allegedly rendering him useless after she took all his money.

According to Ifeoma Harvey who is the former wife of Andrew Harvey, the late singer eloped with the wealthy man to Nigeria where she secretly married him in 2005.

Since then, Ifeoma said Goldie Harvey has rendered the man penny-less and lying sick on the hospital bed in Malaysia.

Read Ifeoma Harvey’s shocking revelation through her best friend Bimbo Alakija below:

Very soon u will hear from d woman Goldie snatched her husband from, Ifeoma Harvey. Search­ for her on facebook and ask her what transpired between her husband Andrew Harvey and Goldie who used to be Ifeoma’s best friend!

What goes around comes around. When she eloped to Nigeria with her best friend’s husband and got married to him secretly,she never knew dat one day death will come calling. She rendered dat man useless,took all his money and right now Andrew Harvey is lying in d hospital in Malaysia.
She went to Malaysia to visit d sick man before going to USA and came back to meet her mysterious death.

Goldie is a liar,pretender and desperado. She­ wants to get money and fame at all cost forced her trashy music down our throat,went to BBA and messed up with Prezzo married­ woman indeed!
Why is Andrew posting their so-called marriage pics now? Maybe d charm she used has cleared from his eyes!

He should shut da h*ll up and pray for quick recovery from his sick bed in Malaysia. Afte­r that he can go back to London and beg his wife and two kids for forgiveness!!

Ifeoma Harvey will soon talk to d press for d real story on how her misery began from d hands of her ex best friend Goldie! – Bimbo Alakija, Lagos.

Gosh this is very shocking to read!

May the Lord forgive all our sins because nobody is perfect but this one get level oooooo..

May her soul rest in perfect peace!

41 thoughts on “Goldie Harvey Snatched My Husband, Took His Money & Rendered Him Useless – Ifeoma Harvey

  1. Lol..,fowl yantch don open oo. I cant wait to hear the full gist. Y na naw al of dem com dey surface, dem dey fear am before? Only God knows

  2. Why e be say na now dis so call ifeoma com dey show face dey tok wen hin no say goldie no fit defend hinself,make she go LIE DOWN jor nonsense!!!

  3. All this is just rubbish, a sad attempt at news with below belt gossip on a dead girl. Abet make the ex-wife go rest, she suppose don drop d man last name since when e DUMP am, lol. Na d money wen e no fit get again dye pain am. @Long#Hiss$

  4. What goes around comes back around? Please, she died after her return from d Grammies, in her (very popular) best friends arms, on valentine’s day, after a day of money spending. Resting in peace now, still being talked about. Lol. Who b Ifeoma Harvey sef?

  5. Sorry Ifeoma your ex husband or husband(whichever one applies)chose to be was his choice to give Goldie his money.Don’t make excuses for him……

  6. Hehehehe!my goldie so dis is wat Ɣ☺ΰ did ..dats if its tru..but come 2 think of it wu knws if dats wat led 2 ur untimely death?women oo we need 2 becareful dis is a lesson

  7. Na wa O.Come see as our women dey drag road 4 oyinbo man name an money.Sotey even dead body sef get mouth inside.
    Wetin our babes no fit do 4 coins.?

  8. RIP Goldie, we do not need crappy stories from anyone. When people die you talk evil of them, won ki fi iku yo eyan so madam Alakija so please go and trash that outdated stories and let Goldie RIP

  9. Wonders shall never end, we need to hear frm ifeoma and equally see †ђξ two kids including diά wedding pictures before we believe cos dead goldie cant speak. Bυh finally Diƨ is a reall lesson ƒσя women ie husband smatchers, coz i† Will never last and i† can lead †̥ơ an untimely death.

  10. Ifeoma or do u call ursef? Its better in ur own interest to shut ur dirty mouth…ok! Where were u wen Goldie was alive? Why r u now making claims after her demise? U no well abi na d dread u wear dey make u craze for head. Ur so called best friend snatched ur. Hubby,u no fight am wen she dey alive make we hear ur both stories before she passed om…..ure a big fool! Abeg go siddon for one place make we hear better ‘tory!!

  11. People should give their lives to Christ bcos life outside Him is hell fire. Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. What shall it prifit a man/woman to gain the whole world anjd lose his soul?


  13. How can a a lady that sucked her mama brestmilk be so bold 2 come out in public 2 onnounce dat smbdy snatched her husband & she ‘s been waithing papiently 4 the snatcher 2 die b4 she will come out 2 compliin. Maybe ur marriage was out of sympathy. The earlier u go into hiding, d better before u ll be asked 2 explain. Sure u know much abt 9ja eke

  14. how can tis woman be so stupid, where was she when beauty G was still alive? hp u know u must die someday, idoit, leave my juicy beauty alone. le morts son vivent

  15. y now? so assuming say Goldie neva die, dis babe for neva ready to talk?your story is baseless. we will neva know d truth cos Goldie cannot defend herself now. you are a mean dont speak evil of the dead.

  16. The dead cnt defend themselves , wat a pity that she gets courage to talk Wen Goldie is dead , the bitch should sharap n tek care of her kids BS

  17. Madam ify, so u waited for Gbaby to die b4 u started running ur mouth eh? U be proper Onyemu!!! Now y ur so called ex-husband no recognise u or d 2kids u claim to ave had for him? Did u watch d burial ceremony of d golden grl? D Oyibo didn’t appear to us as person wey charm catch ooo!! So na u kill our Goldie? God dey watch u and ur propagandist friend. Be warned.

  18. Ify what did u do 2 our Golden girl? Infact n ur best interest stay away 4rm Naija 4 now,u nd Bimbo + d Juju master dat u employed. We love Goldie we dnt knw u!

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