Group Urges Nigerians In America To Vote For Hillary Clinton On November 8

nigerians in america vote hillary clinton

Nov 4, 2016 – Group Urges Nigerians In America To Vote For Hillary Clinton On November 8

The Nigerian Union Diaspora, the umbrella organization for the social, political, and economic empowerment of Nigerians in the United States , proudly endorses the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her Republican opponent Donald J. Trump.

The decision to choose Clinton was reached at an emergency meeting held at the union’s headquarters in Houston , TX , on Saturday October 29, 2016.

The Nigerian Union Diaspora broke its long tradition of neutrality for an obvious reason: extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures. Trump’s litany of heedless specters is profoundly hostile to world peace.

Moreover, his cavalier attitude pales in comparison to someone aspiring to lead the free world.
With increasing stridency, Donald Trump has repeatedly denigrated and demonized not only immigrants and the womenfolk but also other nations and minorities.

hillary clinton nigerians

By contrast, Secretary Clinton has the ideal temperament, sound judgment, requisite experiences, and exemplary track record with the Nigerian nation.
She has also adopted sensible positions on issues pertinent to Nigerians in America, particularly race relations, education, trade, immigration, and religion.

Accordingly, all Nigerian-Americans are strongly encouraged to cast their vote en masse for Hillary Clinton for president on November 8, 2016. Both voters and nonvoters can also donate to her campaign by visiting

Members are however free to vote for candidates of their choice in other races based on the prevailing local interests.

The Nigerian Union Diaspora represents over 2.4 million people of Nigerian descent who contribute more than $132 billion to the US national economy.

So much is at stake. This election is the most critical in the history of Nigerians in America.

22 thoughts on “Group Urges Nigerians In America To Vote For Hillary Clinton On November 8

  1. Nigerians always make the wrong choice.. Donald Trump is far better than Hillary,especially for those who have conscience.

    • @ Mon, do you live in US?
      I asked the question, so as to know what response I have for you. Only a****will talk like you. What has Trump got to offer you?
      Anyway this conversation is uncalled for,because the most important thing is, I have already voted Hilary Clinton, PERIOD.

      • Can you guys make comments without attaching unnecessary insults?
        It is incumbent of us to educate those who dont share our views or be educated by them.

  2. in what ways,.. please tell us some area that u know that he is better than Hilary, or u just want to type something because people are typing

  3. ******how do u know he is better than hillary? Currently now am in america but by god grace i wll vote out donal trump.:D

  4. TRUMP IS a very inconsistent human being. Hillary had defeated him long ago. The general polls is, as it were, to fulfill all righteousness.

  5. Donald Trump is inexperience politicians who has never held any political sit so it is hard to imagine he will fit into that position of presidency. This is not business as usual. This is a governance that requires enough political experience considering the most power thrown he wants to ascend.

    America policies if not well thought out and carried out,it is capable of affecting the planet. And donald trump record does not fit into such post. He’s a failure.

    His pattern of trade he’s calling for is not just outdated but can shrink US economy. We might see China overtake the US as the largest economy in the world in the long run if he wins.

  6. you are right Endure….Trump is inexperience politician and it will be a big set back for US economy in so many areas

    You can imagine what is going on in Nigeria…APC government does not have Idea of how to run govt @ the national Level – which is affecting everytin in Naija

  7. My Trump Is the right candidate my vote goes to him,how can any right thinking person vote this illuminatic woman to continue with their evil on earth

  8. Early voting started since Oct 18th, why is it now this group is campaigning?
    Most people had voted since early voting started, it’s rather too late now to do the right thing. Anyway I voted Hillary already.

  9. Any vote for that wicked woman called Hillary Clinton is a vote to continue to kill babies even nine month babies from their mothers wombs. Hillary doesn’t care about those voiceless and powerless children of God because they cannot vote for her. Every abortion of innocent babies is a sacrifice to the devil and is an abomination in the sight of God Almighty. Nigerian Americans please cast your votes to protect those crying babies from been murdered in their millions in the next 4 years by Hillary Clinton senseless and wicked abortion policy. A vote for her is a vote to continue the spread of gay marriage all over the world. A votes for her is a vote endorsing her corruption to continue in America. As I watch on CNN and BCC NEWS ABOUT her email issues and billions of dollars bribes received from dictators and criminal politicians in Nigeria and other poor nations through their Clinton Foundation, I know for fact that if she elected, America will go down fast and quickly by massive corruption like Nigeria. I urges true christians in America to stand up and stop her anti Christ policies of immorality such as gay marriage, late term abortion, and their suppression of state of Israel by Obama and Hillary Clinton administration. A vote for her is a vote to continues the persecution of Israelites just as Obama, and is a vote to depress christians all over the world. The Bible says, “Righteousness exacts a nation, and sin is a reproach to any nation” Please pray for God discernment, and vote with the knowledge of God and not based on media propaganda. Shalom!

    • @Omokehinde
      Fantastic and meaningful comment, I always hated your comments expecially in regards to self determination of Biafran state, however your comment today is for more meaningful than anyone else here.


  10. Guess what Nigerian Union of Diaspora or whatever the **** you call yourself. I’m about to go vote and guess who i’m not voting for. Yep Crooked Hilary. Typical Nigerians always supporting corruption. Hilary is as corrupt as a third world African president. Make America Great Again

  11. Regardless of the brouhaha, if a candidate doesn’t get the endorsements of former Presidents in his own party, he or she will not win. Hillary will win fair and square. The election is not even close.

  12. The election has been decided
    Hillary 340
    Trump 190
    Congratulations Madame President elect Clinton.

  13. The election has been decided
    Hillary 340
    Trump 190
    Congratulations Madame President elect Clinton.

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