Halima Abubakar Comes After Single Women Praying For Husband

halima abubakar husband

August 26, 2016 – Halima Abubakar Comes After Single Women Praying For Husband

Nollywood actor, Halima Abubakar, has her reservation and it bothers on how her folks handle men.

She took to her Instagram page few days ago to share a post that reads unequivocally,

“Some of you suffered longer than you had to because when a person showed you, you weren’t their choice you kept fasting and praying.”

According to her, “Prayer and fasting He is not for you give it up or is it by force ni?Hmm, use that time to pray for yourselves, na beg I dey beg una.”

Meanwhile, the actress has revealed she is not worried about husband matter for now.

9 thoughts on “Halima Abubakar Comes After Single Women Praying For Husband

  1. This one just likes attention sha (notice me or I die). What is the meaning or the reason for that.. NG please stop giving her attention

  2. Actually it is a call to order, she should not lie to us. Her statement clearly indicates that she is in needy of a man. She is trying to advertise herself to men by fusing in negative means and ways when in fact she knows her direction. Madam, just say I need a man in my life. With those sexual feelings at that age can you manage to be alone? That is out, just trickle down to Zambia so that I can marry you its like Nigeria lacks credible men to satisfy you. Your statement clearly shows that men in Nigeria are impotent.

  3. @I you decoded fast… person wey reach like this and has no worry about being married… mtscheew

    #clueless human

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