Rahama Sadau, Hausa Actress Banned For Kissing Musician Has Moved On With Nollywood

rahama sadau banned from kannywood

October 4, 2016 – Rahama Sadau, Hausa Actress Banned From Kannywood For Kissing & Hugging Musician Has Moved On With Nollywood

Rahama Sadau In Mumbai India To Feature In Bollywood Movies

Fast rising Hausa actress Rahama Sadau has been banned from the Hausa Movie industry for allegedly hugging a guy in a romantic music video by ClassiQ, a budding singer born in Jos Plateau state.

Though the actress was banned and expelled on the 2nd of October 2016, the news was made public yesterday in a press statement released by Mr Mohammed Salisu, the Press secretary of Kannywood.

Kannywood called her immoral for allegedly featuring in a romantic music video.

See the press statement below

Rahama Sadau is one of the fastest growing actresses in Kannywood because she is not as religious as most of her female colleagues.

Here is a scene from the music video that got her in trouble.

The actress has nothing to lose since she has lots of projects lined up for her in Nollywood.

She is even set to feature in some Bollywood movies.

Miss Sadau is currently in Mumbai India.

rahama sadau in mumbai india

9 thoughts on “Rahama Sadau, Hausa Actress Banned For Kissing Musician Has Moved On With Nollywood

  1. Becareful they may come for your life if you continue like this, remember what happen to that Iranian girl who was flirtin on social media. She was murdered by her own family so watch your back.

  2. With Kannywood, she had a gloomy future but with Nollywood and Bollywood…she’ll really go places. Kannywood was a limitation…

  3. That’s y I love d whites, even as rich as they are they still have one name for their entertainment industry which is Hollywood but welcome to Nigeria where they’ve got two entertainment industry known as Nollywood/Kannywood.
    Abeg my fellow commentators, which one is Kannywood and who he Epp for this recent recession? Lmao

  4. Hypocrites.!!! If investigation is carried out those castigating her probably enjoy watching more romantic scenes in ‘abroad’ movies. I pray more advanced movie makers employ the lady and that she excels so much those rejecting her now will regret their bigotry! Mchweeeeeew !!!

  5. You have not done justice to her at all. Ali Nuhu and Adamu Zango have done worst things. or is it because you know if you touch them your so called MOPPAN will scatter?

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