Herbal Remedies That Cured Me Of Coronavirus Infection

herbal remedies cure covid 19 coronavirus

Herbal Remedies That Cured My COVID-19 Coronavirus Infection – London Based Rev Sumbo Wright

London based Prophetess Sumbo Wright has shared the herbal remedies that cured her of covid 19 infection.

Here is how she shared her breakthrough on Facebook.

Cinchona (Quinine) otherwise known as “Awopa” in Yoruba….( half a teaspoon to be taken orally every 6 hours)

Tonic Water with quinine (to be sipped regularly)

3,000mg of Vitamin C every 6 hours or intravenously by a qualified medical specialist

Lots of hot fluid

Nebulise 2-3 times daily and inhale steam through the mouth….

Garcinia Kola(bitter Kola, otherwise known as Orogbo in yoruba….)

Just one to be chewed daily because of high caffeine content and to prevent blood clot( as advised by Doctor Deji Instagram.com/nutraceutical_health)

Also for the cough, chopped garlic and ginger with honey to be taken orally on an empty stomach (in the morning and 3 hours before bed) – added by NG.

Boil Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, Lemon and honey…..

The lemon and honey to be added in the cup when you want to drink it…

Rev. Sumbo More Than 2 Weeks Ago

I do not have any rights on the music played…..I don't normally do live videos and this isn't attention-seeking I did it because it might save a life just as it helped me….These remedies were advised by a certified Nigerian Naturopathy practitioner who resides in CanadaHis IG handle is @nutraceuticalhealth, he's also a Pastor

Posted by Sumbo Wright on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Here Is Rev Sumbo Few Days Ago

I do not have the copyright to the music played in this videoAll rights are reserved for the original copyright owner….Battle with Covid-19Day 11- Naija people, get understanding!!!

Posted by Sumbo Wright on Thursday, March 26, 2020

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  1. Your soft heart melt me sister. I cried when I watched your isolation video but when I saw the second video, I felt relieved. Nigerians like to form, and I believe that is why 89 of them died in London last month.

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