Homeless Nollywood Actor Tunde Alabi Now Living Inside National Arts Theater In Surulere Lagos

tunde alabi living inside national arts theatre

Oct 29, 2016 – Poverty-Stricken Nigerian Actor Tunde Alabi Now Living Inside National Arts Theater In Surulere Lagos

Tunde Alabi Doesn’t Have A Wife Or Children Because He Is Poor – Insider

Popular Nollywood actor Tunde Alabi has been discharged from the hospital days after his leg was amputated.

According to an insider, the actor who doesn’t have a home to return to is now residing inside the National Arts Theater in Surulere Lagos courtesy of his colleagues and members of the Surulere Chapter of the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

nollywood actor living inside national arts theatre

Our source said about 10 Nollywood stars contributed 500 naira each for the ailing actor about three days ago.

On why his wife and children abandoned him, our source said the actor doesn’t have a wife or children.

The source added that Mr Alabi was sent packing from the house of his younger brother when he started battling a mysterious spiritual illness that landed him in hospital.

Mr Tunde Alabi is reportedly living in a lot of pain now as he can’t afford to buy the painkillers prescribed to him by the surgeon who cut off his badly infected leg.

6 thoughts on “Homeless Nollywood Actor Tunde Alabi Now Living Inside National Arts Theater In Surulere Lagos

  1. This is a serious one. His he all that bad, that he wont have a family? Hmm destiny helpers wil locate him.

  2. Very touchin, actors are very useless, N500 or 500K. let this man go back to his family at his home town now instead of making himself topic on social medial every day atleast, no matter how long is rope it must has beggining.

  3. NOT EASY TO START learning life all over again, with but one foot. Thank God your life is still there!

    BUT I MUST say that I do not know what is wrong with these Nollywood people. Even the lowest level personnel of federal civil service seem to end up better than them. What is this? And what kind of news is it that 10 nollywwod people contributed N500 each for him, like when SS3 students of a government-owned school are going for a condolence visit? Tufiakwa!

  4. 500 each ,this is serious you mean ordinary factory workers are even richer than all this mouth making nollywood actors and actress ,i dont want to call name but nollywood is not worth a thing to belong to. now i know how poor they are ,fake life people i need this men account info please at to rent a little apartment for him , naijagist message me pls

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