Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon Comments On Rivers State Crisis “It’s Bringing Calamitous End To Nigeria”

patrick obahiagbon rivers state crisis

July 28, 2013 – Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon’s Remarks On Rivers State Crisis “It’s Bringing Calamitous End To Nigeria”

Edo State Governor’s Chief of staff and Senator Patrick Obahiagbon is back with his funny grammar usage.

Hear what the hilarious grammatologist (lol) said about the ongoing crisis in Rivers State

“Is the malodorous excrescence in Rivers State,cascadingly oozing out from erebus Dame,all about the satiation of a megalomaniacal presidential termagant?Let someone assist me in whispering to the Dame that Alagamus Paret Ai Ai Num,Ai Ai Num Cest Daret,Opotere Alagamus…”

Watch the video of Patrick Obahiagbon speaking on Channels TV below;


In response to Governor Amaechi’s plan to quit PDP, Obahiagbon said;

“Presidential megalomania verging on pachydermatous higgi-hagger”

This man never stop amazing people with his generous usage of grammar.

Haba…. see grammar bomb.

Can anyone interpret this?

31 thoughts on “Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon Comments On Rivers State Crisis “It’s Bringing Calamitous End To Nigeria”

  1. Abeg dis no be grammar jare.. D man dey recite 1 kind incantation. Tell him he’s sayin nonsense

  2. l love to listen to this man,i dont have to go to night of a thousand laugh to enjoy my day. ride on hon patrick

  3. Asha who sa 2 sen. pat. Ur inamorata’s ribs wl crack 1 day as a result of wt u volume 4rm ur lower mandible.

  4. Hahahaha dis man again with his sequomentifical grammer, with due respect sir i wil like to appeal to u to minimize d way u calamunogize ur grammer as most of ur listeners r nt profesionals in grammertology and inorder fo d aim of cummunication to be accomplished i wil vehemently plead dat u decapostrail ur magnonimous use of words

  5. I didnt going to school becaused I climbing mango tree wen others wenting. But I knowing dat Hon. Pat saided d meaningses about peace.

  6. Me, I’m beyond dis man in dictio grammacio manufacio. He’s no d only intelletio wit lingo twisting faculcio.

  7. Dis whole capioti viziti about Rivers St8 has triggered our zamilogrous law maker to inure himself in d aqua of self-styled circumlocution once again. I implore him 2 put into cognizance d naive listeners who may experience a hombi-yombi eruption in the frail limbic system of their medula meduloid becos of his vicio-gicio avowals.

  8. Helo oga pato,ur grammer go cause more calamitous earth 4 river state if d pple read ur englishlism,oyibolism nd ur grammatical conjun,abeg u better come out 4 politics nd become comedian,.

  9. Extrimist grammatology is a crime just like Bokoharam, but on a more serious note, 9ja politricksians are already comedians to d rest of d world dat care to listen and watch dem. Hillarious!! to say d least.

  10. this is very funny, this man is causing a calamitous saga to the society So make every one kuku dey derive word from any language he understand. as for me, I got my own native dictionary Using my lingual Franco saga. and Am gonna use it to tacklelojinga hon. Patrick. Anjonu sikalibombom gbaga, Lementropheremore nigga, Ilailoo Santana santrama motoplocy speaker, Tajinana sandamuriya jaga. bag waga.

  11. These incantations Grammartically by patrick and Habatically in psquare music Personally are total junks in Communicationally!! P-square and Patrick, wht do u tink??? Lols

  12. Abeg oga if u warn start anoda language 4 nija abeg tell us or d gov’t no b to air the talk wetin fit cuz war btw litrates and illitratea

  13. i am bamboolzed,on a serious note i am flagabasted,on a low key am bewilderd.it is lugusbirous dat hon pat wants 2 engage my medulla oblangata in an unending caterstrophy.4 d uptempt tym again dis man needs procold.

  14. Dis man na trying ka o yasa my ubulutapic member. Dat is not possible! I am inguaned niime my life 2 ghotala wat dis nwoke edo nakoli. Oginidi? Igwe. Let’s verbalise our kwuga kwuga and funanya who will tire mbu!

  15. Dis man na trying ka o yasaa my ubulutapic member. Dat is not possible chaa chaa! I am totally inguaned niime my life 2 ghotala wat dis nwoke edo nakoli. Oginidi? Igwe! Let’s verbalise our kwuga kwuga and funanya who will tire mbu!

  16. The man have a health issue called. iba ogii(high fever).my cousin in village had the same sick,he woke up one morning & drove English lang to another level.this man should have his brain examine by a qualified doctor or naija should get a chain to bound him when the time comes or get a shrine for his cantation.pls my fellow naija people lets join hand together and save daddy Patrick for his kids and family.Yes we can.

  17. Hahahaha,i adolized all the incomprehensible grammatical jargonization and even the fathomable verbal voicerations and verbalization dat my optical apparatus encountard.so keep it up all of you.

  18. Most words that the guy used were either in the dictionary or bible, you just need to know thier spellings, example prestissimo; fast, quick,faster than presto, 2. crinkum cranckum; twists and turns……….lots more..hes used to talking dat way…

  19. this linguistic homophony has gravitated with tremendous velocity to this exclusive kubiku to lampute his own magnanimous view through his own amandus habiatus. what a pandamonous acts of fudidudi, a periferial alacrity and gigantic module aparandi of communication. i am so manyacally berruded and dillapidated with this bilingwal module of communication. though as a marvin i give him a parenthesized ekelesi in a paumatic pawopa. i know some copose and mentus homosapion origin may not adduce and concored this concodance, becouse it can always backed up with some apparatus coercion.

    • in addendum to what i just amputated (lamputed) above in ode-oteran patter, i don`t wan`t to be a neumogenous incasasowa before it make my own philosophical application to being so contrived to some caricature of an electrical bugibugi thrugh some maximum pendulum and drallulum in random motion, that is rassatile…..thanks

  20. Hahahahahahahahahaha. This story and the comments will never cease to amuse me. Can’t beliv it’s alredy three years. How time flies!

  21. Hahahaha høn. Patrick is too halarious i want him to be my mentor with his patricious gramma. Kudos to you patricousibility

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