How Robbers Killed Nollywood Actor Clems Onyeka In Asaba In Robbery Attack On CBN Bullion Van

armed robbers killed nollywood actor

Oct 14, 2014 – Latest On Nigerian Actor Clems Onyeka Killed By Robbers In Asaba Delta State While Driving To Movie Set

How Armed Robbers Shot Nollywood Actor Clems Onyeka Dead In Asaba In Failed Robbery Attack On CBN Bullion Van

Details have emerged concerning the Nollywood actor who died in a cross fire between police and armed robbers this afternoon in Asaba, the Capital city of Delta State.

An eyewitness said the robbers who attempted to hijack a bullion van heading towards CBN (Central BAnk Of Nigeria) on Mariam Babangida way in Asaba were not successful.

In desperate bid to stop the driver of the bullion van, the robbers rained heavy bullets on the van and it was the stray bullet from the attack on the bullion van that hit Clems Onyeka who was driving to a movie set at the time of the robbery attempt.

In addition to Clems, a police officer was also killed by the daredevils.

The source said bullet pierced through the back of Clems Onyeka’s head and made its way out the forehead. He allegedly died on the spot.

‎The robbers who operated in a Toyota Camry Car struck on DSB Road after they got reinforcement at the scene of the robbery following resistance from the police back-up van.

Read eyewitness account of what happened this afternoon in Asaba:

“The robbers rained bullets on the bullion van but the driver succeeded in making a detour and escaped with the content of the van intact. Several persons were caught in the cross-fire and they got injured.

“It was only the actor who died in my presence because the bullet entered his head. He lost a lot of blood and just could not make it,” the source said.

One of the robbers got injured in the unsuccessful robbery operation but his colleagues dragged him into their get away car and escaped through Benin-Onitsha Expressway.

Delta State Police DSP, Celestina Kalu said they are working to track down the criminals.

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16 thoughts on “How Robbers Killed Nollywood Actor Clems Onyeka In Asaba In Robbery Attack On CBN Bullion Van

  1. my gut feeling tell me say na police bullet hit dis guy,cos arm robers will target their opposition but to police everyone in that environment is an arm robber hmmmm.

  2. It‘s so sad 2 note dat just as he was abt 2 add anoda feather 2 his cap, it turn out 2 b sun set @ noon.
    May u cont 2 rest in perfect peace till we meet 2 prt no more. U‘ll b highly missed.

  3. What a sad news he was really good in his roll anyway sha it has happened and is a big shock to me oo RIP may God deliver nollywood pple bcos this is too much.

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