History Of Boko Haram In Nigeria – Sponsors & Leaders of The Jama’atul Ahlus Sunna Lid Da’awatis Jihad

Boko Haram Militants

How Boko Haram Started – Their Sponsors & Leaders of The Jama’atul Ahlus Sunna Lid Da’awatis Jihad

Boko Haram is an Islamic Religious sect that’s been in existence way before the beginning of their brutal politically-motivated attacks in Nigeria. naijagists.com

The History of Boko Haram In Nigeria

The Islamic fundamentalist group, Boko Haram, has admitted of being responsible for the rise of Boko Haram, saying it started as a cell of the sect, officially called Jama’atul Ahlus Sunna Lid Da’awatis Jihad but named Boko Haram … of the northern elite who, under the pretext of sponsoring youngsters to study in the Middle East, sent them to terrorist training camps.

They thought they could manipulate Yusuf but he refused to tow the line, and in the end he was executed by the police, he explained. ‘Ifhe were alive, he would have spilled the beans on them. Nonetheless, we will reveal their identities at our convenience,’ said Teshako, who is also known as Yusufiyya after the slain leader.

According to him, the clashes between Boko Haram and security forces two years ago were the result of police provocation. The police had shot dead two of its members and wounded 20 more after they followed mourners to the burial ceremony.

The armed uprising that followed affected four northern states and claimed the lives of at least 300 people. ‘We are attacking police because they killed our brothers,’ Ibrahim Khalil Zarkawi, a Boko Haram leader told Bashir Ibrahim Idris of RFI’s Hausa service at the time. (www.naijan.com)

‘There isn ‘t good leadership in Nigeria. Muslims are being killed daily and the authorities are doing nothing about it. These are the reasons why we are retaliating against the police, because they are the ones who killed our brothers.’

Troops stormed Boko Haram’s stronghold in Maiduguri and Yusuf was arrested the following day after reportedly being found hiding in his parents-in-Iaw’s house. Later, journalists were shown two films – one Jonathan during his inauguration in May, which was marred by a series of deadly bomb blasts apparently showing Yusuf making a confession, the other showing what appeared to be his body, riddled with bullets.

Boko Haram Leader Mohammed Yusuf Interrogation before his execution


Boko Haram History in Nigeria

Boko Haram is a controversial Nigerian militant Islamist group that seeks the imposition of Sharia law in the northern states of Nigeria.

Meaning of Boko Haram

The term “Boko Haram” comes from the Hausa word boko meaning “Animist, western or otherwise non-Islamic education” and the Arabic word haram figuratively meaning “sin” (literally, “forbidden“).

Boko Haram Mission & Agenda

Boko Haram opposes not only Western education, but Western culture and modern science as well.

The group was founded in 2002 in Maiduguri by Ustaz Mohammed Yusuf. In 2004 it moved to Kanamma, Yobe State, where it set up a base called “Afghanistan”, used to attack nearby police outposts, killing police officers. Yusuf is hostile to democracy and the secular education system, vowing that “this war that is yet to start would continue for long” if the political and educational system was not changed. (www.naijan.com)

Prior to the clashes, many Muslim leaders and at least one military official had warned the authorities about Boko Haram. Those warnings were reportedly ignored.

Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria

In the state of Yobe, fighters reportedly “used fuel-laden motorcycles” and “bows with poison arrows” to attack a police station. On 30 July, allegations were made that Yusuf himself was killed by Nigerian security forces after being taken into custody.(www.naijan.com)

November 4, 2011 – Major Boko Haram bomb blast killed Over 60 people in Damaturu, Yobe state Nigeria

January 2010, the group struck again in the Nigerian state of Borno, killing four people in Dala Alemderi ward in Maiduguri metropolis.

September 7, 2010, Boko Haram freed over 700 inmates from a prison in Bauchi State.
December 2010, Boko Haram was blamed for a market bombing, following which 92 of its members were arrested by police.

Friday January 28, 2011, a gubernatorial candidate was assassinated, along with his brother and four police officers.

March 29, 2011, police “thwarted a plot to bomb an (ANPP) election rally” in Maiduguri, Borno State. The threat was blamed on Boko Haram. On April 1 (the day before the original date of Nigeria’s legislative elections), suspected Boko Haram members attacked a police station in Bauchi . On April 9, a polling center in Maiduguri was bombed. On April 15, the Maiduguri office of the Independent National Electoral Commission was bombed, and several people were shot in a separate incident on the same day. Authorities suspected Boko Haram. On April 20, Boko Haram killed a Muslim cleric and ambushed several police officers in Maiduguri. On April 22, Boko Haram freed 14 prisoners during a jailbreak in Yola, Adamawa State (www.naijan.com)

Tuesday February 8, 2011, Boko Haram gave conditions for peace. The radicals demanded that the Borno State Governor, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, should step down from office with immediate effect and also allow members to reclaim their mosque in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State. On 9th May 2011 Boko Haram rejected an offer for amnesty made by the governor-elect of Borno state, Kashim Shettima

Boko Haram was blamed for a series of bombings in northern Nigeria on May 29, 2011 that left 15 dead.
June 17, 2011, the group claimed responsibility for a bombing attack on the police force headquarters in Abuja that occurred the previous day. Officials believed that the attack was the first suicide bombing in Nigeria’s history and that it specifically targeted Police Inspector-General Hafiz Ringim. (www.naijan.com)

Videos of Major Boko Haram Bombings in Nigeria






Boko Haram Sponsors

Top government officials are the sponsor of Boko Haram group in Nigeria. Few officials have been suspected but their names have not been released yet. – Read updated History of Boko Haram & Attacks Timeline In Nigeria

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  1. Our ppl says that, Evil increase wen good PEOPLE refuse to talk. If a small group like Boko Haram can fight government, by destroying lives and property when we have forces in the country it means that the government is not functioning. So it is only God that can help us.

  2. Biafran state is the answer to all the problems in this country called Nigeria,give a child wht he ask for and you will have rest.

  3. Really some of the govt offial are those who give rise to the group boko haram. And these group was not among the islamic religion because these idea was not found in islamic shari’ah and history

  4. O God rescue us from this country whose leaders are oppressors. Send to us from You someone who will protect and someone who will help

  5. Well its dfficult2deal wt a religion dats dos nt acept revolutn,dogmatic&unquestionable xo cald islam,whom its funded on war,aceptn war as a condition necessary4a islamic faith,undr d guise of 4biden western educatn wen even yar’adua himself last comisnd univrsty of scienc&tech in saudi arabia d hom of islam were even d so cald prophet muhamed ws born..den who r al dis babarian set of islam in n9ja who sees westrn educatn as a sin wt do kiln of innocnt,christian hs 2do wit westrn educatn? is high tym we do away wt al our religioux inequality n c each oda as1 ppl livn in a geographical setn wt an organizd govt k

    • Many that are commenting on this media are boko members. But nothing is hiding before the light. We have a problem in nigeria essence that ppl that rules nigeria belong to the same occult faculty and they made a blood oath in their kingdom not to harm their brothers. Boko is political evil movement that was instituted to destroy a political influence against a rulling head of the nation. Our leaders know those notherner that behind these boko movement cos they made covenant agreement in their occultic world. They can not harm each others accept out sider can harm them spiritual cos this fight is not physical fight alone. But thank God that i am seeing a solution in the midst of problem and those that instituted boko are been killed by boko’s. What goes up , is coming down. Dogs are pursuing the owners. Hahaha.

  6. 4GOD SAKE wat is sixteen virgin?is dat wat god shud promis his childrn?as a woman is dat wat a religion shud promis u after makin heaven?4 a heavy men2dis virgin u?comn is hytym we c sum religion as an illusion..n dis-asociate our sef frm it n do away wt sentiment

  7. UZOR!!! Why speak with such harshness? Others calling for the continues bombing of the north by the Group should trade with care while making contributions on this forum. Do remember that there are also christians resident in the North, either by origin or settlement. So what happens to those christians? If anyone of you had stayed in the North, you’ll understand that the North also comprises of a large number of Christians; Go to Sabon gari, Kano, and see igbo settlers there; The Sourthern part of kaduna is also christian dominant; Plateau state is also a christian dominant state and so on. So, you expect such people to also be killed? Directly or indirectly, we are all affected, as we may have a family relation or friend who is also in the North.

    Please lets make contributions with caution, and not make a fuss over issues we know not much about. lets only pray that a divine intervention brings a national understanding and an end to such carnage.

    Isah Mohammed, do not quarrel with anyone about this issue.We understand the freedom of expression thing, but ignore any provocating word. others should please take note.

    Prof. you have spoken well, but the path of sudan may not also end up well, atleast you know of the growing tension between Juba and khartoum; mutual suspicion and distrust. Nigeria is too big for such path. A true Government of National Unity flamed by honesty in Government will go a long way in salvaging the situation. Our Government is hiding alot from us, and that is the root of this crises.

  8. Islam mean peace so those dat say islam is nt a peace i think dey are sick let d president have meeting with d boko haram and ask dem wat dey want

  9. Isah mumu’hamad äñð thani yusuf;wht Mr innocent îs saying îs vèrý true nah;northerners population îs vèrý high,äñð i believed that through ýä bombing äñð killings will help tö atleast mäkè ît a bit lower.think ît twice Ýöû Damn Fucken Bitch.you shud bè the world best fools för allowing ýä self tö bè brain washed äñð indoctrinated by a sö called religion,that western education îs sin.îf sö fight äñð ðîè nah;sö u gö marry 10 virgins för paradise as prescribed by tradition nah.one love mehhnn

  10. Boko haram are only killing thier brother and causing damages in thier state,it ll marks end of muslin in the south when bomb mistaken explode in the south.

  11. Guys! B careful with ur otterances,since we know the aim of Boko haram, it is anti Jesus christ,we know of the oppression that took place in sudan that led the creation of south-sudan Finally,dont be fools,they will not stop telling u that their religion is of peace,while they alway plan and start any crises u have ever heard of.

  12. Human life is sacred.Everybody in Nigeria should avoid senseless killing and wasting of human lives whether politically or religiously motivated.If we claim that we are worshipping thesame God,then Boko Haram must allow peace to reign in Nigeria since God is the God of peace.

  13. Some of wat we have been saying is poppycock, bcos i think d northern nigerians are brain wash by international islamic countries dat are teriorist in d world, bcos dey attack churches and also kills their islam brodas dat are not support of deir action. Therefore, d way 4ward, both christain and muslim should call on God 4 his intervention instend of worsting d whole condition and situation in our great country 9ja. In a nutshell, u should b a security 4 urself bcos who ar known as nigeria police force and d rest ar running 4 dier life, i.e rely on God 4 security.

  14. Pple of naija, av gone 2ru all ur comments, and u pple av contributed nd expressed ur self in one way or d other, but the solution is not violence/war. Lets luk at it dis way, if someone says dat d fg is not respecting he/she’s fundamental rights, it is a thin dat u can just contact d fg nd express ur self verbally. But as 4 these bokoharam sects, lets belive dat God is in contrl nd lets put our trust in him, nd as 4 dere sponsors, d god who created the heavens nd d earth will disgrace them nd expose dem in jn. Amen. I want u 2 pray dis prayer wit me dat God shud cause confussion amidst d boko haram sects. All is well, stay blessed.

  15. Hm,i strongly believe God will help this country.All we need do is 2 kip on prayin as christians nd hope 4 a final solution but d fact is dat hw long will dis menace continue? Could u imagin dat d so called boko haram of recent gave mr president a quiting notice 4rm office or b converted 2 a muslim b4 they can stop d kilins of christians in d north! Do u c d levl of foolishness in dat statement 2 show u dat der r some top personalities backin up dis babaric act against d sovereignty of our dear country. Is dis d country dat our founding fathers fought 4? I weep 4 dis country each tym i hear of kilins nd incessant distruction of lives. Nigeria shudnt b an entity dat wareth against itself no mata wat. Wel im human,dun knw if it wer possible 4 me 2 mit wif mr presidnt,i wud hv luvd 2 hav a word wif him. Hm God will hlp urs,i strongly bliv.

  16. Boko or no haram..al is selfishness..wia in life..is recorded dat killing is gud..islamic religion is vry vry selfish religion..try 2 understnd dat God creat d whole universe..with lng tym..and said man shud nt destroy it..only him alone..

  17. Hmm i want us to understand something, d truth about mr president, is not dat is gentle but he is not the one that put himself there despite dat he’s elected by we nigerians but there many pple in d house of rep dat are powerful more dan him nd it is what dey said dat he would do nd u knw dere is a sayins dat says A MAN CAN NOT FIGHT GROUPS OF PEOPLE ALONE.

  18. Remember: You shall give account of everything you do on this planet earth, on the judgement day! Whether good or bad, continue…

  19. Well…………., an idle mind is the devil's workshop.Its unemployment dat is causing all these problems.LET THERE BE JOBS AND THERE WILL BE NO BOKO HARAM.


  21. Corruption, poverty, unemployment, bad leadership, bad governance, flabuoyant live style of politicians promote all the social vices and the insecurity in the country. Our leaders need to be focus and provide good governance.

  22. stop violent and preach peace what for good should you hont for people live to kill, what gain awaited you. dead is awaiting you either by what protection. thing about it for good.

  23. Boko Haram is an islamic sect dat seek to impose sharia law in the Nigeria state.There mission is killing of christians and eradication of wester knowledge in Nigerian State,but there goal is cumbersom,they cant achieve bcos Nigeria is too big,ethno-planty and try-religiously firm to succum to there pressure..

  24. there is no justification for spilling blood , especially innocent blood. whoever those that be should kn that no spill blood that cannever be avenge by GOD. repent Jesus love u. He is waiting to receive u in love , mercy and grace

  25. we re really one nation nd one nigeria,pls my gud pple,lets join hands to settle d disputes nd also fight against d calamities dat z fallen against us nd by so doin askn for God’s forgivenz,4 we re d best so far.

  26. all does blood sucking religion called islam ar very stupid of distroying life any how,let them continued distroying dey areas bt wen dey crose bordar,dey wil see firt and de country wil divide,den dey wil go and pratrice stupid religion

  27. i expect government shld nt do any thing about de violence in de north coz no body brought violence dere,dey ar de ones dat brought it,so let de northen muslim continue killing and distroying de land,i personaly chanllenge de northen leaders and i call dem terrolist!

  28. Let’s give B/Haram the job of eliminating the billion-Naira looting politicians, including corrupt governors, senators, speakers, ministers, local govt chairman, (Mainas of this country)infact any one who hs looted our common treasury. ‘Cos ICPC, Police and EFCC has no capacity to handle them.

    • You are right my brother.

      The mission has to be eliminate the billion-Naira politicians ,including corrupt governors ,senators, speakers,ministers ,local govt chairman, amy, police and customers.

  29. Look out for shekau and other top boko haramists in top government functionaries homes,politicians homes,chiefs homes,emirs homes,imams homes e.t.c.in those states where state of emergency is declared.

  30. Evry body av contributed very well…bt i want u all 2 remember 1 tin..i.e,we came frm 1 God nd we wud return 2 im…u guyz dnt av 2 fyt ova dis issue,b4 puttin down ur statement u sud knw d history of boko haram….plz dnt jst say anytin here..we all r lukin 4 a solution 2 dis problem…we dnt nid 2 insult our religion…it is heard evrywhere dat d boko haram r muslims…bt am very sure it nt true…dey r only using our religion 2 cover demselves…though i cnt guarantee dey r christians bt we jst nid 2 tink deeply….wat z our so called president doing abt dis?…e z nt capable to be called our leader…e dos nt av d qualifications…e z nt d 1 ruling us @ all…so all my fellow brodas nd sistas….dnt critises we muslims….plzzz…let stp lambastin our selves wit insult…dis site was made becos dey nid ur opinion…nt 4 u to start fytin..i beg u all..

  31. I believe dear brethren that the issue of boko haram is not religious but political. TOO much corruption, elitism and tribalism in Nigeria and Africa as whole should be addressed. Who says we don’t attribute these vices to western education that boko haram is fighting against?

  32. It’s not a surprise things when federal government of Nigeria assess SE cruise to invent Northeast of the country, purposely for three reasons (1) To win election forever. (2) To help worlds secrect society fighting Islam as religion that does not permitted casual sex, Gay, cannibalism and many evil events, as we can see Muslim in the world were put in various form of tracks be in Arab land, down to Africa ie CAR, NIGERIA, MARLEY and many other places in the world. (3) To adopt the system of Viagra revenge.
    I pray to Allah (SWA) to expose the secrecy behind these cruise and bring shame to those devils messengers amen.

  33. God of peace do not slumber nor sleep boko haram or watteva d call themselves are not stronger Dan d storm DT Jesus Christ silenced one day Jesus Christ the messiah will silence all of them including dia sponsors weda foreign or indigienes.

  34. unless Nigeria is divided to southern Nigeria and northern Nigeria or form as another name entirely,we can’t live together. Northerner S’s belief system is in sharp contrast to the south .

  35. innocent, am not a moslem but u cannot be a good leader the northern are human beings created by God even if they are different religion, nigerians needs God intervention and prayers . let him have mercy on us.pple like u are d ones causing problems. mohamed dont mind him, maturity is not age.

  36. Hmmm,I have gone 2ru all those comment above,ok!
    But listen to what I got to say my fellow Nigerians!
    @Isah moh.says islam is a religion of peace he was covering up,ok! Cox boko_haram is an islamic language,ok! Which means…Non islamic education is a. And @for haram…means sin,ok! Full meaning…western education we give to our childs today is haram or sin by their stinking analogy,ok!
    But Innocent….let watch our mouth here as a christian,ok! Let show a Good Example to them all,ok! 2ru our words of admonishing too,ok!
    …..God knows better than we do,ok!….@@@For islamic,christians and habalist…..Only One God Islam call Allah ,Christians Call God and haberlist Call Olodumare….he is the only one who created us all and he is the only One we needs to serve ,worhip and Follow his words and commands,ok!
    Well @@@for me the writter….I know one thing for real…”God is Love and who ever says he know God he or she must also love one and other for God is love,ok!” As we all know No one has ever seen God and if u and me claimed saying we love God,Allah or Oladumare plsss my pple and the pple of our so call country…let us love our brothers and sister like ourselve,ok, For God is LOVE!!08031840749…..sail_on

  37. evil is evil whether christian or muslim,better to be a pagan than being the evil muslim they claim they belong………..fuck them

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