How Diamond Estate Lagos Husband Killer Udeme Odibi Cancels US Travel Plan To Murder Husband

ajah lagos husband killer

The wicked lawyer who stabbed her husband, Barrister Otike Odibi to death in the wee hours of Thursday the 3rd of May 2018 is still in police custody.

It was gathered that their three-year-old marriage that had not produced a child, was fraught with domestic violence.

Our correspondent gathered from a credible police source on Friday that the woman used to work with the deceased in his chambers and had a running battle with him over female clients, who visited him at work.

“The woman is jealous and always making trouble with the man. She used to be a lawyer in her husband’s chambers. Any time she saw a female client with the man, he was in trouble. At a point, the man had to let her leave the chambers.

“She was supposed to travel abroad a day before she killed the man. She had already packed her luggage before she decided not to embark on the journey again,” the source said.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Chike Oti, said the suspect was still in the hospital under police watch and that investigation into the matter was ongoing.

11 thoughts on “How Diamond Estate Lagos Husband Killer Udeme Odibi Cancels US Travel Plan To Murder Husband

  1. I’ve said these before in many article and I’ll keep saying it ,no reasonable guy should wife a Nigerian lady just smash and bounce cus 80% of them are rude piece of shit bitches. And the blame for their rudeness should be directed to they simp male musical artist who always hype they asses even though I and real G’s know they ain’t worth sh*t.

  2. We should always learn to walk away in any given time and on any challenging circumstance(s), as walking away does not portray our weakness but rather MATURITY. Can she now compare her being in the USA and her returning home back in the country into the arms of her husband to this shame, trauma, troubles and pains she has caused herself and her family?

  3. The ignorance of some people never ceases to amaze. They can’t even write or speak proper English ! U hear a story about one spouse killing the other and you blame all Nigerian women. Pure ignorance and just meanness. Nobody knows what happened with this couple ; only God – so stop surmising, assuming,guesstimating, concluding and smearing. It’s another human tragedy and I pray that God will give all those affected peace.

  4. That is the meaning of the phrase ‘anger is small madness’, now what caused her anger is not up to the damage she caused and d consequences she will suffer

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    • Oh well what do i think, with your outburst and insensitive comment, i think you might have some attributes of the said killer woman Stanley. You sound unforgiving and quiet bitter. You need healing plus your comments ricks of so much bile.

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