How Former Lagos Deputy Governor Adefulire’ In Law Torturing Tenants Using Corrupt PHCN Officials

 Adefulire in law torture tenants egbeda lagos

Oct 13, 2016 – How Wicked Pastor, Former Lagos State  Deputy Governor Adejoke Adefulire’s Brother In Law Is Torturing Tenants By Bribing Corrupt PHCN Officials At Ponle Branch In Egbeda Lagos

Urgent SOS message from Tenants of 46 Karimu Laka Street In Egbeda Lagos

I am writing for your assistance on the issue that is currently facing the tenants of 46, karimu laka street, Egbeda Lagos and our so called Landlord Mr Akinmusirewa Ilebola – 08023004038 , owner of PRINTECH PRESS PRINTING LTD .

All tenants in the house came in 1st of July 2013, and he collected 1 year and half rent. For our flat which is 2 bedroom flat is #300,000 per year. Agreement, agency and additional 50,000 damages was paid in full. Our Landlord promised that prepaid meter will be available after 3months, we should manage the PHCN monthly bill then.

The first bill brought was the beginning of the problem in the house. We discover that our landlord did not clear all the previous debt of PHCN there by making the new tenants to inherit the huge debt that was accrued. The house was formally a 7 flats building with 7 readable meter before he renovated it to 13 flats which all the current tenants are staying and disconnected all the readable meter.

The 13 flats shared the payments on all the 7 bills brought by PHCN. At a point the bill apportioned to each flat was between #7,000 – #10,000 per month (estimated bill) which is too much for a flat that does not use AC and its a mini 2 bedroom flat. Agreement was made between PHCN and all tenants to pay certain amount (each flat #20,000) as for them to grant us discount and clear part of the bill accrued.

Obviously, not all tenants will pay all the total sum. As for me and my husband we paid #19,000. And also #3,500 per flat to be servicing the bills every month to avoid disconnection. Till date, Our landlord did not provide prepaid meter as promised.

The worse of it all started on the 1st of July 2016, early that faithful morning our landlord distributed to all tenants notification of an increment of #50,000 to take effect in January 2017. As for our flat, we accepted it (#350,000) and did not make any argument with him.

A week later, 8th of July 2016, He brought a quit notice distributed to all tenants which will take effect from February 2017. Well, nobody is bold enough to collect the quit notice because he has threaten to show us how powerful he is so he dropped the notice in front of each flat. Every attempt to make peace with him was abortive as he abuses and curse us on phone.

On 27th of July 2016, Our landlord brought PHCN and removed (from the main pole) all the electricity cables connecting light into the whole house. Every attempt to reconnect our light was void as the Ikeja PHCN branch office at ponle in Egbeda told us to go and meet our landlord and settle all grievances between us.

We asked them the offense committed to warrant the disconnection from the main source. Information from the PHCN manager of ponle was that our Landlord said we have never paid electricity bill (which is not true) since we came into the house, at the same time if we want to reconnect we must clear all the bills including the accrued once we met on ground. Per flat is to pay #76,000 and that does not stop the quit notice given to us to move out of the house by February after our rent has lapse.

We tried reaching Oregun PHCN head office, we were told that our house has no record with them in Oregun head office. This shows that all the payment made to Ponle PHCN office was between our landlord and his guys at Ponle. Also, an informant from Ponle office told us that, our landlord has his own boys in the office which he use in the act.

Since that 27th of July till date we have been leaving in darkness while other houses in the environment enjoys light. We try to know his house or office but he told us not to look for him that he will deal with all of us before we leave the house. And he is ready to sue everyone to court.

The information we got was that he is not the real owner of the house but the former deputy governor of Lagos state – Mrs Adejoke Orelope Adefulire. Because he’s the brother in law to the Deputy governor whose husband is now SAN, there is nothing we can do to have our justice. People call him pastor in one of the well known church, but I did not see this kind of attitude in the bible he carries.

This is against human right.

Giving us quit notice and putting us into total darkness for months is against the law. When we went to the PHCN last month, to plead if we can have a way forward, we met another set of people which they claim to have come from another house owed by him and facing the same situation.

We are not forcing our stay in the house once our rent lapses (February 2017). All we are asking for is the restoration of our light till the quit notice take effect. We can’t pump water due to the light issue. we have to cross the main road to fetch drinkable water which is risky.

Kindly fight for us……, we have kids and babies who cant endure the heat, generators have turned to noise pollution in the house and to all our neighbors around.

We are not owing him house rent so how can we owe PHCN bills. we have cleaners in the house who we have never owe. Is it because he has those in power? Or because of Orelope or because of Her SAN husband.

Arise and fight for us, more than 2 months now in total darkness and no head way till next year.

Who will fight for the innocent in this country????????

Arise and fight for us, save us from this man..

9 thoughts on “How Former Lagos Deputy Governor Adefulire’ In Law Torturing Tenants Using Corrupt PHCN Officials

  1. this is pure wickedness how can someone be this cruel and call himself a pastor. I just hope the compliant voice is been heard.

  2. This is an agreement and breach of contract matter between the author and their landlord whose name is on the rent agreement and on the receipt issued to them when the rent was is doubtful every aspect of your accommodation and electricity bills was conducted on ‘phone. You know where your landlord is and it is unfair to use this medium to allude to the involvement of the former Deputy Governor in the matter when from your story you never had any dealings with her regarding the house.
    Sue your landlord you know and leave out speculation about his link with any other person. Best of luck to you!

  3. Lagos deputy governor please take action.These is unfair power is nothing and for him to call himself MAN OF GOD. I think he should be called WICKED MAN.

  4. Na Wa Ooo, Why Are People Like This? My Landlord Did The Same Thing To Us Last Year But the Different Hear Is That He Did Not Disconnect Our Electricity. My Sister It Is Only God That Can Fight For U. You People Should Declare 1 Or 3 Days Fasting And Prayers Concerning Your Landlord & Those PHCN’s guys And See If God Will Not Answer Your Prayers.

  5. I no its not easy, but I must advice all the tenants to vacate the building. Some landlords are just born wicked. God will fight your battles.

  6. When a tenant by chance become a landlord or a caretaker-landlord, he or she feels on top of the World. Look for another place and check out of that goddamn dungeon called a house.

    I take a stroll…

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