How Illuminati Destroyed D’banj & Don Jazzy’s Relationship

illuminati d banj don jazzy

April 2nd, 2012 – How Illuminati Destroyed D’banj & Don Jazzy’s Relationship

As it is now, everybody is now aware that the business partnership between, Dapo Oyebanjo also known as Dbanj and Michael Collins aka Don Jazzy under the Mohits music label, have finally ended. learnt that the two separated because of an interview D’banj granted a magazine in America where he stated that Don Jazzy and other artistes are under his label while he is the owner of the label and many of such stories that have been flying around.

We, however, gathered that all the stories may just form a minute part of the reason the two decided to go their different ways as it was revealed that Dbanj’s decision to join the international occult group, Illuminati, may be the main reason Don Jazzy decided to call it quits with the one-time Glo ambassador.

illuminati d banj don jazzy

Further investigation reveals that Don Baba Jay, as one of the artistes under the Mohits usually calls Don Jazzy, whom Good Music company signed a management contract with, is skeptical about something which forced him to beat retreat while his partner chooses to ignore his reasons rather going for the fame he thought would come through the association.

Sources informed that Don Jazzy who is from a good Christian home just like D’banj whose father is said to be a pastor under the Bishop Oyedepo-led Living Faith Ministry, decided not to mix business with religious practices, a thing D’banj will not raise an eye-lid over.

Some other reliable sources quoted Don Jazzy claiming he chose not to have anything to do with any group or person that would muddle his religious belief, others also informed that his decision not to have anything to do with the dirty money he must have made while working with D’banj is the reason he choose to donate all proceedings of his productions to five charity organizations. In a message on his Twitter account the award-winning producer while confirming the break-up informed:

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of a long era and the beginning of a new one. Some of the rumours you have all heard recently are sad but true. The way forward now is to make sure I keep bringing you guys more of the beautiful music you all love to listen and dance to. And to end the old era, I will be donating the proceeds of my production catalogue from day one till date to five charity organizations.”

That’s what we call Illumi-scatter (lol)

54 thoughts on “How Illuminati Destroyed D’banj & Don Jazzy’s Relationship

  1. The fear of God is the begining of wiseness oh my brother Don. If all said here is true and there is nothing more to this tory, then carry on, afterall its beta to dey give than to dey collect. God bless and we bless 4 showing dem big boys level

  2. Don baba jay. Thnx 4 ur faith in God. May God uphold you 2 d end, he shall b ur shelter and ur shield. If all this is true, then, all is well. Let D’banj go(illuminati) if he wants 2. All i just pray 4 is that God should revive him back 4rm d trap of satan coz as he join he’s gonna regret it(not a curse bt reality) bt he won’t be able 2 say it out. ILLUMINATI’S MOTTO? (SELL UR SOUL AND GET A FAME) Satan in control. So jazzy God is on ur side.

  3. We need to know that Life is so simple and we muct becareful… may God distroy this illuminati.. amen … but no one will never know what happen in the mohit’not even the wande and others … there is a secret between don jazzy and D banj… GOD will distroy all evil fraternity house.. in jesus name

  4. If al dis true den i wil say dat what eva dat starts one day must surely end one day.if there is love inbetween dat friendship,one day peace wil rain.but don jamilody dont let mohits fall.

  5. My charman don jaz i do respect If only illuminate cn hlp dat d,baji or wot eva let him go nah….such is lyf..if only illuminate cn pay him as in lyk,,bt 1 tin u we know is dat gods tym is de best,,,by de way mohit record is nt only 4 u who we beg u 2 come bak ,,nonsince

  6. Live is all about choice, and our choices are our responsibilities in the end. D’banj has made his… D. Jazzy has made his. But only the end justifies who made the right choice.

  7. Dbanj,is somebody that can do anything to make money.he is desperate,don dont go with him God will see u through.

  8. It was don jazzy who started all this evil association by forming don. Thank God,dog is calling hyna a witch now. Small naija rats to hell with both of you.

  9. ILLUMINATI(wat a satanic world) u artise re just out dia deceiving we d viewers on hw u’re making ur money through d music industry nt knowing dat is through satanic world u mke ur money frm.God will surely arest all of u some day, nice decision working wit God don jazzy.Always work wit d good side of ur heart

  10. Am justing prayin hell is real so that evry evil deed pays for his or her stupidy, wat a hell does this fool need that he went to embrace the devil. This is my jugdement, dbang u ar here by ban from entring 9ja. Obas and emir with attahs pls take not if una neva even join them mechew


    • …..lets kill illuminati,cus they are really demoralising the upcoming artist like me who wants to do more songs like to pac.cant wait to feature wande coal and don bab jay

  12. Such is lyf!!! it as been said dat wen d world is goin 2 an end different sign will b reviewed so i guess it is happenin now… God should save us n gain d people”s heary 4rm dis evil Confraternity(ILLUMINATI).

  13. Don baba jay i wish u understand how much God as save you soul from burning in the lake of fire just believe in Lord JESUS as u do he is ready to keep u save to end of the world 4get about that fool d’banj am happy u are save now!!!!!

  14. Don papa jay!!!! U too much 4 all u xplained..I’m xpectin d wonda beats 4rm as usual…but pls, u rilli need spiritual asistance 4rm dis evil cult, b4 dey decide to com after u..u need to pray to God without ceasin..pls I beg u…1 luv bro

  15. Don baba jay….wow! If all said is correct den i say to u,flesh and blood av nt reveal dis to u but s God’s wisdom das @ wok in u.when ur life s base on principle,99 percent of ur decisions are already dat d prosperity of d wicked s 2 go up n come down.d past should only b viewed wih gratitude 4 d gud tins,so luk bkward with gratitude and luk 4ward with confident.tanks george simon

  16. Ur decision is all about u… D’banj took a personal decision likewise Don jay…,Life depends on decisions u make nd preparation towards it… Don jay Tenx 4 ur faith in God.

  17. Don j.tak heart,d lonly part in lif i misin ur frnd dat u do al such of tins dats lyf.Do nt trost any 1 in lyf asept ur slf nd ur shadow.he as wnt, dats is d sign of d end of d world.there god father Dajjal as nt cm yet so wat are we stil tlkn of.jst d tin is dat we hv 2 b prayaful.

  18. D’banj is already doomed he has use his hands to purchace destruction, what so ever a man sows dat he shall reap, for wande let him also repent for whosoever was once a friend to a friend of d devil is not likewise free, u did not join him dont mean u are going to heaven either. So repent so dat u wont see d’banj with u in hell fire by then he will also laugh at u.

  19. D’banj, u av choosen the way of distruction dats y my hrt bleeds for u, for the bible say follow not the multitude 2 do sin. Don jazzy u really did lyk a true christain. Tank for ur choice jesus loves u more than d’banj.

  20. Wot a lawless & ungodly generation we are. Satan is now rulin d world as if he only started existin a century ago. Our hearts is now vulnerable 2 all sorts of vices. It’s now reached a situation wen doz dat stand 4 God wil do so REALLY & dre’s no oda REAL way dan CHRIST! Let us all repent or we’ll not be beta off. If dez pple end up in Hell, @least dey’ll b glad dey enjoyed on earth. Remember; D most miserable pple in hell wil be d MASSES. Let’s take heed…!

  21. don jazzy God loves u thats y he closed ur eyes on what is wrong as for ur friend d’bang he have choose his level and i pray that he will come to realise the great mistake ever, that he has made.

  22. Pls if u wnt t knw more about this illuminati pple, ask google who is a member nd u ll see all of them nd hw they operation and their intention t creat a new world called:NWO. Djang is one of their argent here in Nigeria. I was gribed wit fear nd was forced t log out. We dance to their different songs that re give t them by their god whom dey cal lucefier. Pls we need t b very careful. For me i was a sucide dancer and music lover bt i tank God 4 showin me all dis yesterdy. If u see Nicky minaj in her ritual attire in d gramy award nite dat took whitney houston lif u ll mavel. Go back nd watch rihanna ‘umbrella’ nd see tins for urself. Jesus is real.

  23. Gods fame z d best,c d likes of d.Drogba. Kanu, okocha… Even d highest paid footballer sam. Etoo … Al ds pple made fame wtout blood sacrifice n they r stil more popular n richer dan so called illuminati musician…. God wil always win d devil. Illuminati una plan no go work… Gzus(Jesus) is d king

  24. Don baba don’t worry God will lift you up, and please never get involved about the illuminati thing. Na God still be the almighty Jehovah.

  25. D world is in its end days, every SOUL should prepare for eternity…no time to prolong d day of salvation anylonger. D devil has increased his weapons(money, women, mobile fones, laptops & d ILLUMNATI MEMBERS) to d maximum number to capture many to ETERNAL HELL! Jesus keeps calling ur soul for repentance every second in order to rein with Him at the end in His ETERNAL GLORY. Whom wil u love to surrender and live yur eternal life with? It all depends on u…behold, av layed before u death & life, curses & blessings bcos av done my best for u by shedding my innocent, precious & unblemised BLOOD & keep interceding for u in HEAVEN which no man can do says JESUS. Its now yur turn to decide yur FATE D.banj…don jazzy, try walking at d right path of d almighty and u wil never be put to shame…@all…to be warned is to before armed, half a word is enough for d wise and whoever dat has hears to hear again, let him ear! Good luck!

  26. I thx baba jay so much 4 his dcision nd god wil keep rewardin him as d’banj he can rout in hell 4 al i care..

  27. Oga o, e be like say d’banj himself na evil’s mentor bcos which atiste from 9ja don join any bad society in america except d’banj (no). My own prayer be say make d devil dey evil am dey go if ………

  28. it is said that 20 children cant play together for 20yrs,i don’t think their separation is due to the illuminati stuff bur it is rather personal…bur why have you all concluded that d’banj is a member of the illuminati group? may GOD forgive us all

  29. Y do diz naija artistes join ds group. Once dey make a hit,d nxt tin z tattoo al ova deir bodies signifying dat dey r nw part of d group. ILUMISCATA INDEED!

  30. Don jazy pls I wrote a skul reality programe for undergraduates but I need a platform n your help.tnk God u did nt mudle your religious believe.07037300866 tanks.

  31. That`s what i call a true christian, (to don jazzy)don`t follow him to that place because the bible said what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul so keep up with your faith god will reward u)k be good

  32. They should all give their lives to Christ(Don Jazzy included) , now they know money does not guarantee happiness.The blessings of God does.

    Whether they go their separate ways or not , the fact is they disagreed and they will always look at the past and wonder why they couldn’t make it work ?

    And that brings sadness

  33. Don jazzy, truly u have showed d world dat u are truly a DON, I pray dat my God bless u more and more……lemme use dis time 2 beg for Favour from you,am YOUNG ice, am a very Gud solo artic looking for help from you,I promise I will Neva let u down always make u feel the power of music……07032358831

  34. Nawa o….nice one don baba…тшсу щту вщт ифиф ше гк пгкд еуьшто

  35. This is to all the next messiah is coming to clean up the world, he is not coming to perform miracles like Jesus this one is an angel of fire to burn all evil people/ groups illumina is finished including all its members.


    Some anti-christs have been existing before their required time. These antichrists could be the
    spiritual demons in physical appearance. The devil use these legions of demons to operate in their lives and as a result; STEALING their bodies and KILLING their zeal to repent or restitute. Should they make any attempt to repent or restitute their ways, the devil create in them the fear of DEATH(total destruction of their souls). What can they do to be saved as Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE? I guess they should go to the General Overseer of the redeemed Christian church of God and be saved else the devil may claim their lives o ie total DESTRUCTION of their Souls!

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