How Ini Edo’s Husband’s Girlfriend In Ghana & Lekki House Crashed Her Marriage

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Dec 10, 2014 – How Ini Edo’s Husband’s Girlfriend In Ghana & Lekki House Crashed The Couple’s Marriage

Few months ago, the 6-year-old marriage of Nollywood superstar Iniobong Edo crashed.

Though the actress said her marriage broke down over irreconcilable differences, a new story as to what ended the marriage has surfaced.

In an exclusive chat with Vanguard, Ini Edo said her Americana husband is not the one funding the marriage.

Ini Edo reportedly said she was the one taking care of him throughout the course of their short-lived marriage.

The marriage came to a stand still when one alleged sugar daddy bought a mansion for Ini Edo in Lekki and her husband requested that she put his name on the property.

Ini Edo’s refusal to yield to his instruction forced him to threaten an end to the marriage.

Another source very close to Ini Edo said:

“Philips wanted it to be a joint property, but Ini vehemently said no, that she would have none of that. Philips was said to have threatened to move out of their home if Ini refused to put his name on the deed. She stood her grounds and Philips also made good his threat.”

“He moved out of the house and took up residence with another lady in Accra, Ghana which has been his home for the past six months. All entreaties by family members for Philips to return home were rebuffed; he wanted his name on the deed or no marriage,”.

“For three months, Ini Edo did not set her eyes on her husband and he had started flaunting his new girlfriend to spite Ini. Scheduled appointments by her father in-law to resolve the issue amicably were rebuffed by Philips and ini was shocked.”

When Ini was contacted to hear his own side of the story, the actress turned down the request. She reportedly said her hubby Philips is a closed chapter of her life and that she’s looking forward to a better future.

As at the time of this report, Philip and a Nigerian socialite based in Accra-Ghana are dating.

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  1. I never believed Ini Edo could cheat on her husband in public she might have admirers but she look like agood girl

  2. which one be cheat on her husband he is not serious at all why would he ask her to Put his name on d property abeg make him go enter river na woman go dey feed You phillp ?or u wan marry celebreaty take shine? its goodfor u too ine u wan marry americana yeeyee man

  3. abeg dat man no get sense he tnk God say he come marry fine babe like Ini. which kin write his name on the deed na him own

  4. This is what they called centro ,he’s a centre guy according to Italian and European people the way they called it. Eating and taking from women even what he never worked for

  5. he can go to hell for all i care.dat guy na goat him be.him tink say him fit control ini after him marry am.him plans don fail

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