How Kidney Failure Killed Chaz B Charles Bruce Of Sharing Life Issues Midway Into Rhythm FM Show


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Nov 23, 2014 – How Chaz B Charles Bruce Sharing Life Issues Presenter Died Midway Into Rhythm FM Show

How Kidney Failure Killed Chaz B Charles Bruce Of Sharing Life Issues Midway Into Rhythm FM Show

Mr Charles Bruce Chukwuma passed away on Saturday after 2 years battle with kidney disease.

The presenter of the popular Sharing Life Issues program died shortly after excusing himself from the show on Saturday morning.

According to sources  at Rhythm 93.7 FM, Charles who was said to be in his early 50’s excused himself few minutes into the show after complaining of inner weakness.

He told his colleague Chike  to take over, explaining that he was not strong enough to continue with the show.

He reportedly went to the washroom and later sign out by saying; “See you on Monday”.

That was the last time his colleagues saw him alive.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

18 thoughts on “How Kidney Failure Killed Chaz B Charles Bruce Of Sharing Life Issues Midway Into Rhythm FM Show

  1. RIP dear Chaz B, you made your mark in the hearts of many as they shared life issues on the popular radio show which you anchored before passing on to eternity.
    May the good Lord comfort all loved ones left behind.

  2. Rest in peace Chaz. You will forever remember by the good work you did during your life time. We will miss you alot.

  3. Chaz B rest in peace in the bossom of the Lord. You really touched lives, repaired broken down relationships and lead people to Christ. I always remember your signature in your daily programmes ‘sharing lives issues with Chaz B’ ‘guide your hearts with all diligence, for out of it flows the issues of life’ Adieu.

  4. Chaz B,God bless you, you have done your part and you truly fulfilled destiny. We love you but God knows the best.

  5. I hope your dream will not die, who will i listen to, hmm.Chaz B, my Mentor, Teacher and Bishop. God bless your soul.

  6. My stomach turned Saturday evening I had of his death. God has really used him to his glory. Like Chaz will always say guide your heart with all diligent for out of it lies the issues of life. This we will always- always remember.

  7. chaz B. i never knew you in person nor seen what you looked like until today. your death makes my heart bleed. i listen to sharing life issues everyday on my way home from work. you have been so inspirational, so touching, so wonderful to many. you have comforted many. i know you must have finished your work on earth, thats the only reason God will allow you to die. Adieu my brother. you will be with God and He will tell you WELDONE MY CHILD. will ALWAYS MISS YOU.

  8. R.I.P chaz B, u revolutionized radio presentin wit ur unikness, tnx 4 savin D souls of men ur way. Posterity is already reckonin wit, cuz I kw ur smilin dwn on us side by side Jesus

  9. Chaz B Rest in Peace till we meet in the Bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ, Ur word really help me, anytime I listen to you I also fill happy

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