Hungry University Graduate Steals Biscuits From Trader In Badagry Lagos, Gets N50,000 Bail

hungry lasu graduate steal biscuit

May 12, 2016 – Hungry LASU Graduate Man Who Stole N2500 Biscuits From Trader In Badagry Lagos Granted N50,000 Bail 

Bisoye Akinteju a 29-year-old graduate of Lagos State University has been docked for allegedly stealing 2 cartons of biscuits from a petty trader in Badagry.

The complainant, Blessing Ukwo said onlookers who saw Akinteju fleeing with two cartons of her biscuits caught up with him as he was running away.

The accused who pleaded with Chief Magistrate Abiodun Etti was granted N50,000 bail with a surety in the like sum.

As at the time of this report, the unemployed University graduate is yet to fulfil his bail condition.

His case will come up for further hearing on the 24th of June 2016.

11 thoughts on “Hungry University Graduate Steals Biscuits From Trader In Badagry Lagos, Gets N50,000 Bail

  1. Two cartons, na tiff. If say na two packets I for say na hungry catch am.

    All the same I pray he has a job soon. It is a real pity.

  2. Steal a packet of biscuit in Nigeria and you are jailed. Steal billions of Naira and they give you a chieftacy title and celebrate you.
    May God salvage us.

    I take a stroll…

  3. 2 cartoons Worth’s N2500 of biscuits stolen and he was granted bail of N50k with a surety in same amount. Am actually short of words. This is not good for my hearing.

  4. Nigeria law z a punishment 2 d poor and a favour 2 d rich…
    Wot am i even saying do nigeria have any law? oh! dey do have

  5. Where are we going?, millions of our graduate is rolling about on the street without employment and our so caledl politicians leaders is busy stealing our money, even when they caught them, they do drop and go barging, but when ordinary person fall into their LAW they start qouting LAWS according to subsection in 90s constitution.
    THERE IS NO DIFFERENT IN BIRTH, CHILD IS CHILD, THE WAY CHILD IS DELIVER IS NOT DIFFERENT FROM THE SLAVE ONE, what am saying is this ” there is no sign to identify the riches and poorer is Heaven, am not encouraging criminal but LAWS be treat equally in this country “NIGERIA.”
    Many riches men and women is not after Heaven because their reward is in Hell Fire where they belong due to heartless hard and blood money they have.

  6. This young man struggled to be a graduate holder actually it is not being easy to go to university despite all efforts to make ends meet he his still unemployed that brought him to steal just advice and warned him not to repeat the same and provide him with a job

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