Man Who Slapped Wife For Visiting Parents Without His Consent Begs For Leniency In Court

husband slaps wife visiting parents

Abusive Husband Who Slapped Wife For Visiting Parent Without His Consent Begs For Leniency As Wife Drags Him To Court

A woman identified as Maryam Abdullahi has dragged her husband to a Sharia Court ll, seating in Magajin Gari, Kaduna state, for slapping her in the presence of their children.

25-year-old Maryam, who lives in Hayin Malam Bello, Kaduna, alleged that her husband slapped her because of a little misunderstanding they had.

“I went home to visit my parents, whose house is not far from where we reside. When I came back, he did not listen to my explanations on why I went out to visit them.

”He slapped me on my right cheek and it got swollen,” Maryam said.

The Defendant, Ismail Abdullahi, 45, a brick layer, admitted to slapping his wife.

“She always goes out leaving the children at home without my consent. I am pleading with the court to be lenient on me, I will never beat her again. I love my wife, Ismail said”.

The father of the Complainant, Malam Muhammad Lawal, prayed to the court to warn the defendant to stop beating his daughter.

The Judge, Musa Sa’ad-Goma, ordered the defendant to beg for his wife’s forgiveness in court.

Sa’ad-Goma warned him never to hit or slap his wife again no matter the height of disagreement they have.

The judge also ordered the defendant to write an undertaking while his brother will be a witness.


6 thoughts on “Man Who Slapped Wife For Visiting Parents Without His Consent Begs For Leniency In Court

  1. Why won’t he slap you when you married your father? Imagine 25 under 45, 20yrs gap. Both of you can never think alike and can never see yourselves as married couple but father and daughter. Nonsense

  2. Rosy, you’re right 20yrs difference is too much. that is the one main reason that they can’t understand each-other and where is misunderstood there is always a chaos

  3. Forgiveness is of the hearth, Madam please fine it in your hearth to forgive your man and never you drag your children into this pl********************************************se

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