Ibrahim Babangida’s Top Secrets Exposed – He’s The Godfather of Boko Haram

Ibrahim babangida boko haram secrets revealedThe silent murderer

Feb 5, 2012 – Ibrahim Babangida’s Top Secrets Exposed – He’s The Godfather of Boko Haram

Believe it or not General Ibrahim Babangida, IBB is the silent voice behind the present unrest in Nigeria. naijagists.com

According to a recent confessions made by a former Boko Haram member, Sheikh Sani Haliru, Babangida is the major financier of the Islamic Terrorist sect,  jama’aful Ahlul sunna wal Liddawati wal Jihad, aka Boko Haram in Nigeria. If you havent’ read his confession, read it here

According to Sheikh, Ibrahim Babangida is the Chief sponsor of terrorism in Nigeria.

Below are some top secrets Sheikh revealed about IBB

1) Babangida has more than 600 men and women Jihadists who are under his payroll ( These people are all over Nigeria and at his finger tip, he can use them to destroy the whole of Nigeria)

2) IBB is the major financier of Boko Haram in Nigeria

3) He introduced Suicide bombing when he killed Dele Giwa

4) Babangida mobilized 36 Jihadists to kill innocent Christian Students at the University of Sokoto in May 1986

5) Since year 1985, Babangida has succeeded in silently using muslim extremists to persecute Christians

6) IBB used Alhaji Sannusi Dasuki (now Solomon Dasuki), Alhaji Ahmed Ado Bayero (now Rev. Paul Ado Bayero), Alhaji Mohammed Usman (now Evangelist Blessed Usman), Alhaji Sani Jegga (now Isaac Jegga) to attack the following men of God: Late Papa Idahosa, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, Rev. Uma Ukpai, Rev. O. Ezekiel and other men of God.

7) He used prominent politicians to burn down several million copies of the Holy Bible. Along with the late MKO Abiola, they both sponsored the sinking of three million copies of the Holy Bible into the high sea.

If you haven’t read this revealing interview, please read it here

Is General Ibrahim Babangida too big for God to handle? Leave him to God, if he doesn’t repent of all his atrocities and persecutions, God will deal with him like he did to Paul.

Note: I have seen a lot of people claiming this interview is false, if you have read the story of Saul’s conversion to Paul, you will believe him.

37 thoughts on “Ibrahim Babangida’s Top Secrets Exposed – He’s The Godfather of Boko Haram

  1. God have mercy on IBB……We’re waitin to hear Buhari’s atrocities.IBB is a goat & a dirty criminal.

  2. Young man! If u realy clam IBB is responsible 4 de sponsoring of sect group, y dnt u hand over dis informations 2 de SSS 2 do their work. Bt it no dout, higly place islamist scholars & top nigerias in gov are behind dis sect. Wether IBB is involve or nt, God has place his children(christain) on a pedestal were no hand of de evil one shal b fal us.. I tink SSS are suppose 2 du their work now by interrogating some x & present leaders in dis country. If God can sieze Gadaffi, osama, etc. Who are? … Pls my felow xtains let us continue 2 becon on God 2 send down his wrath 2 consume those beast, wolfs on earth.

  3. I believe nobody is too big for God to handle. When it is time God will interven and brought him to book.

  4. dis is pure wickednes. Only God cn make d final say 4 had it bn God is a man, IBB wud hv bn dead a lng tym. Bt wat cn we do? Only lukng up 2 God 4 He alone knws d end of d wicked.

  5. I tink IBB shud be interogatd bt as said by the jihadist,who is 2 curl him up and who is to arrest him evn wen he av abt 95% of the SSS unda his comand and NPF is nt liberatd 4rm his insecure distrupts,then who is to catch except God who exposed him,.jst continue 2pray 9ja wil sn be beta!!!

  6. If you can believe this, you can believe anything. why all the christian associate can not expose him, but this so called faceless ex-muslim convert not even from Nigeria. WAR IS BAD.

  7. Naija! Any news can spring up now but b sure of one thing,nobody is too sophisticated 4 God 2 handle.JUSTICE must prevailable at the right time.

  8. This is the person that said @71 he’s ready to back come instead of nigeria to divide, well kwn one can deciet God.

  9. I have always known and believed that IBB is an evil genius but i never knew he is this bad. All we need do is to intesify our efforts in prayer. Let us pray this prayer points:
    1) Oh GOD, use every individual that is against the peace of Nigeria as a SACRIFICE FOR PEACE IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS
    3) Oh GOD, keep exposing the secrets of this devilish sects and take them in their craftiness so that they will not be able to perform their enterprise in JESUS’ NAME. AMEN.

  10. 1) Oh GOD, use every individual that is against the peace of Nigeria as a SACRIFICE FOR PEACE IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS
    3) Oh GOD, keep exposing the secrets of this devilish sects and take them in their craftiness so that they will not be able to perform their enterprise in JESUS’ NAME. AMEN.
    4).Oh GOD, by all the power for which you are known and called Almighty GOD, arise in your fury and anger and take vengeance speedily against IBB and his cohort, let your jealousy smoke against them. In Jesus’name. Amen!!!

  11. Boko HARAM is still a continuation of Sharia Law implementation in Northern Nigeria. Any man who blackmale his relegion with Evil,because of selfish political Ambetion must be punished @the last day.BOKO HARAM is nothing but Occultism. Every thing good comes from GOD,But any thing Evil comes from the devil.Any relegion that suports killing of any type is Occultism.5sec in hail Fire is as painful as 365days on Earth. Where is Adulforce Hitla,Charls Telor,OSAMA & ABACHA .Every man must answer the call of God through Death.

  12. Let the nation not forget IBB in sharing national cake then everything wil be alright let’s aware that he’s the onwner of azo rock and abuja as a whole i’m not in support of his crime but let those u are in power cal him and issue him national award and see what wil happen later if boko haram stop we wil realise that he was the cause of b.h nobody is perfect, we cannot pay evil 4 evil rather we bless them and see whether there wil be no change from the enemy one love.

  13. Only God can judge…IBB is nt d only sinner man…if u should b given a Gun n IBB in front of u wil u kill him? If yes why? Den ar u witout sin? No big o smal sin my pple let him dat has ear let him/her hear.

    • my friend, what realy r you saying? i did not get any point from your writeup. Lets call a spade a spade,we know we are all sinners cos of inherited sin from Adam and eve, but that will not stop u from saying the truth. IBB is a blood thirsty vampire, only God will bring him to book and it is going to be soon and very soon,he should not forget Nebuchardnezer and Pharoah.

  14. If IBB is been accused of been the sponsor of boko haram. Then he should be interrogated or is he above the law? This is where you know the fed govt hav 2many skeletons in their cupboards. Innocent christains shudnt perish 4 useless reasons. I feel dis boko haram guys n all those supporting it are cowards. If u want a religious war don’t b afraid tel d Christian so dat we will see who wins stop tying govrnment to the whole thing. It is so clear that they bokom haram r hunting Christians. One thing you bokom harem agents and sponsors shud knw is. They God that we the Christians serve is neva asleep nor does he slumbers. Our day of his intervention is coming and all of us will testify to his goodness. God watches all our deed. May the souls all those departed rest in peace. Amennn

    • Jack God bless you. I’ve been wondering why FG is afraid to arrest IBB, Buhari and co. Senator Ndume’s indictment in the bokoharam activity has entered the cooler. Bokoharam members caught during this emergency rule in d north have been released. Meanwhile MASSOB members caught just gathering for their meetings are imprisoned, and many executed and thrown into river to float. Where is fairness in Nig? Different law applies to Nigerians depending on their tribe. Jonathan is not interested in the lives of 1000s of Christians killed by bharam datz why he is compensating the them, treason offenders. I wish GEJ wud understand that nothing about him, except his inability to read handwritings on the wall, that interests hausa man. Very unfortunate.

  15. The GOD dat watches over us neva sleeps nor slumber.he is certainly givin IBB and oda blood seekin demons in human flesh d prevelage to turn frm their evil ways and repent bt soon enough dey il all b wiped out cos dia tym is runnin out. God help us all as a nation

  16. My follow christians, let us not be affraid, but be prayerful and steadfast awaiting the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, for all this happenings heralds the coming of The Lord as He had foretold.
    There is no way we can stop the wicked happenings arround us because they’re the confirmation of already foretold prophecies. what we need do is to pray for God’s protection on us, our families and our fellow believers.
    may God almighty protect us until the day of Rapture.

  17. As we all know confession from the defectors are not enough, only when we agreed to engage in fairy tales, we need a concrete evidence that can not be denied.The government need to carry out overhauling mechanism, in defence and security ministry,also using a satellite surveillance to monitor an incident or act in rewind, that is mounting a satellite to monitor the movement of a suicide bomber in revise, how they came, where, and places they visited a year before that incident, also there account, that might be very useful when you find out that all the suicide bombers has visited one common place, or meet the same person, or money being transfer by the same group or person etc
    In wake of this we will be able to know the role of IBB, if not he remain innocent even in the act he is actually guilty.

    Godwin Eboyem

  18. In addition to my first comment i just want to stress the strength of rewind investigation, it is not from human but of God, we lean it from him, He is God that can visit our yesterday, so if the Government is able to visit the yesterday of the terrorist they will be able to stop there tomorrow and there secret will be open.

    Mr Godwin Eboyem

  19. I only hope that this is not “WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION” The uses of propaganda in President Bush administrator, say ye the truth and the truth shall set you free.

  20. i must add to my earlier comment oga sah one of these good days you will pay heavily if you think that christians are lesser human beings fit to be eliminated

  21. ibrahim babangida is one of the few nigerians that earned my respect but if he is the demon behind religious tension in central nigeria one of these good days you will regret i say you will REGRETTT oga sah am dissapointed in you!!!!!

  22. Let IBB read the Book of Deutronomy. If he cant, he should pls ask the Egyptians what happened to Pharoah when he challenged The Most High by maltreating children of Israel. The story has moved from generation to the next AND STILL alive. IBB, Buhari and co should be careful bcos Most High has warned them. “touch not my annointed and do my prophet no harm”. How did the Abiola who they sank Bible with end up? WHO CAN BATTLE WITH THE LORD? NOBODY!!!

  23. In all dis Lord i say tank u,i appreciate u mighty God 4 u alone is worthy of my praise.

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