If You Kill A Python Snake In Anambra State, Someone Will Die – Traditional Chief Warns

killing of pythons taboo anambra state

August 14, 2016 – Killing Of Python Snake Is Now A Taboo In Anambra State, Traditionalists Say Someone Will Die

A Facebook user based in Anambra has now revealed that killing of Pythons has been tagged a taboo in the state.

Mr Chukwuemeka Ogbu recently shared a story of how traditionalists urged Christians to stop killing Pythons so as to prevent further lose of lives in the area.

See what Ogbu wrote and the accompanying photos below

12 thoughts on “If You Kill A Python Snake In Anambra State, Someone Will Die – Traditional Chief Warns

  1. What nonsense! From where did anambra traditionalists gather this information? Even urging christians that in order to prevent death in that area they have to stop killing python. It is important that the traditionalist in anambra should know that christians are not been govern by mere traditional believe that contradict what the bible says. It is as well crucial that they know that christians cannot be forced to accept there man made law regarding nature. Christians are not those who bow to superstitious believe of any tradition. The christians there at this minute should reject such baseless traditional notion that is unscriptural and are not bible based!
    Christians are not restricted in the bible not to eat python or any other animal. Therefore,any Christian in anambra that has the mind to eat such creature should go ahead.

  2. my question is “if they don`t kill python won’t python kill them.”…
    #clueless human

  3. christians should stop killing pythons?..what if the snake is spared and it attacked them first nko

  4. na so,, snakes were meant to be killed when found at inappropriate places,,maybe der shud set a place for dem naaww

  5. My question now is what if the snake try to attack them, should they not defend themselves? What a barbaric culture!

  6. Dat is for them, I and my family has declare Christ as our Lord, and once we see it we kill it, am a true born Nnewi wher d said practice is from, what u don’t know won’t know u

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