“I’m Illuminati” – Rihanna Covers Body With Snake For GQ Magazine

snake rihanna head

Oct 25, 2013 – “I’m Illuminati” – Rihanna Covers Body With Snake For GQ Magazine

“Medusa head on me like I’m iluminati!!!! She. x Damien Hirst #GQ#25thAnniversary#COVER,”

The above caption is what singer Rihanna gave to the picture on the left shared on her Instagram page few hours ago.

In the other photo on the right, Rihanna’s eyes have a evil glare as she clutches her face with her long black talon nails.

She shuns a shirt and cover up her breasts with her forearms to reveal the controversial goddess Isis tattoo on her chest with a large snake wrapped around her neck.

Her head on the hand is fully covered up with a bunch of deadly snakes, some in bright orange and red colors, which appear to almost jump out of the pic as they slither around her head.

“#GQ #25thanniversary #Cover #RiRi #DamienHirst #Art #SnakeLife,” the singer captioned the second photo this afternoon.

The photo shoot is for the 25th anniversary of British GQ magazine.

Rihanna posed as an evil Medusa popularly called monster.

In Greek Mythology, people who dare to look at Medusa would turn into stone.

Her evil glare is a bit scary.

30 thoughts on ““I’m Illuminati” – Rihanna Covers Body With Snake For GQ Magazine

  1. Rihanna is evil and this is another confirmation
    So why would she label herself illuminati
    May be she is not ashamed of her father the devil

  2. She is an agent of satan that seeks those to initiat into their demonic kingdom. People of God, let us examine our world and find out the strategies of the devil and his cohorts and treat them approprately. It is only the gospel of Christ that can change the world to become good. Therefore, let us arise and preach the gospel so that the powers of darkness would be eliminated. Be wise !

  3. Irritating pics indeed. “In Greek Mythology, people who dare to look at Medusa would turn into snake.” They actually turn to stone and not snake

  4. Can you people suh all your stinking mouth?illiterates.This is just a pose for a magazine cover.You are not illuminati,yet you lie,u steal,u fornicate,u cheat,u gossip,u keep malice,you are still going to be in the same hell fire.no separate hell for each sin.sin is sin,and he’ll is hell.search your own life now,and see,if probably the trumpet sound now,can you say you gonna make the rapture?if care is not taken,rihanna will make heaven,while some of you ranting,and judging her will not.yes!she may find the last grace.Remember what the bible says:God says,I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy.most people like do make heaven,while pastors,bishops find themselves in hell,becos they didn’t take note of themselves.He who stands should take heed,lest he falls.Jesus came,bcos of sinners remember?God’s ways aren’t ours says The Lord.His ways are very complicating,Rihanna may be one out of those ones,that God is yet to order the trumpet to be blowed.Let God handle her,dnt try to fight God’s battle,judge not.prepare your own self for rapture.Are you also sure if your siblings are ready for rapture as well?ooohhhhh,u there judging Rihanna,I hope,one of your siblings will not miss heaven,even if u dnt.Ask yourself,that honest question.

    • all u should allowed God almighty to judge Rihanna… stop exaggerating of words and sentence here! Because u’re not God almighty the founder of wisdom and knowledge above all….


  5. Though d pix looks horrible, but dis fella needs awa prayers. Trust me, you wont wish her hell if u know wot hell is like. Hell is not ment for humanity so i beg u all not to wish her hell but rather pray for her soul… Jesus saves!

  6. so horrible a pics?but we should not place judgements because even the bible asked us..brethren who made u judge.

  7. Eva rihanna Am In Luv Wif Ya Attitude nice 1 one luv mehn trinity man iz da ryt tin we wil soon take it over da fada da son and ad holy spirit dat’s da trinity incase if u dnt know

  8. Rihana is not an Illuminati … Although she is indirectly been used in the brain washing program of Entertainment industry today (be carefull what you watch) … She is most likely a member of the “Boule” which is a Satanic fatanity of Black Entertainers in America (the one D-Banj would likely belong to, not the Illuminati) the “Boule” is an off-shot of the White-Mans Evil “KKK”. To be an Illuminati you must First belong to a specific “Blood-Line” or be a Perfect Master of your Craft in a recognised and established Masonic Logde … Not even all 33degree Masons can belong to this Acume of Elite of the Illuminati .33degree is the Highst degree in the Scootish right Freemasonry of which there are several lessar degrees and Women cant be Masons only the Queen of England is said to belong (there can only be one Queen in a hive) …. So to the point!!! most Celebrities you see today are working for a Specific Globalist “Mass mind manupulation” agenda (they are targeting we Youths and they get payed to do it) but they are not the Illuminati themselves .. I dont even think most of them (the Artists) know who the Illuminati really is

  9. The wages of sin is dead and remember that the evil won’t escape the the rapture of God whether illuminati, free manson or whatever there is no time 4 u guyz this is the only grace u have, there won’t be another chance once u re dead & remember hell is real there is no doubt about it.the male & the females celebrities please open up ur eyes to reality the devil can’t save you because he himself can’t save himself. Be prudent.

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