In Picture: President Buhari Meets British PM David Cameron In London

buhari david cameron london

May 12, 2016 – In Picture: President Buhari Meets British PM David Cameron In London


PMB with British Prime Minister David Cameron after the opening of the Anti-Corruption Summit in London.

9 thoughts on “In Picture: President Buhari Meets British PM David Cameron In London

  1. Keep shaking oyinbo hand and opening anti corruption summit in London. Remember Nigeria has a whole is in darkness. Tomorrow you will waka again for another thing, fuel price is killing. What a negative change. I wish you all the best sir

  2. And cameron even has d gut 2 talk abt our country as a potentially corrupt nation wit dat of pakistan..
    Wot an approach!
    May God help our nation

  3. @Emeka is Nigeria not corrupt?the David Cameron that you all want to crucify because of the statement credited to him that Nigeria and Afghanistan are fantastically corrupt was the same person that still helped the two countries to plead to the Congress yesterday not to stop grants to the two countries. Whether you like to hear this or not,corruption has eaten badly into our system.They’ve sucked this country dry.

  4. After my careful review of the British PM statement calling Nigeria a fantastically corrupt nation, I support David Cameron statement. However, his statement is not directed at PMB admistration in anyway. In my view, Nigeria is fantastically a rotten, backward, shattered, and most corrupt nation in the world before President Buhari was sworn in about 11 months ago. Why? Aside from the fact that 99.9% of our politicians are unpatriotic, criminals, and looters in power, Nigerian people are the most difficult people to govern because of tribalism, religion differences, cultural differences, and other evil sentiments that divide and create unnecessary barriers among various groups, factions, and many tribes that made of Nigeria. Only in Nigeria can will find a poor politician or government officials becoming a billionaire overnight with the people’s money. After the First Republic, we have been unlucky and unfortunate with criminals, looters, wicked, and unpatriotic individuals governing us at all levels of government. In our fantastically corrupt nation, governors, Senators, Rep, Chariman person of local government, Vice president, and even president spend people’s money and embezzled national treasure like is their personal funds without any consequences. Ms. Maduekwe-former Petroleum Minister stole billions of dollars, and dumped them in many foreign accounts without any punishment. If a minister can steal that much, imagine billions of dollars being stolen by other government officials at the expense of over 170 millions Nigerians living in abject poverty. PM David Cameron is 100% correct that our nation is decaying because of corruption before the emergence of president Mohammed Buhari. I concur and support his statement 100%. Nigeria will not see any meaningful progress and development if corruption is not dealt with in both public and private sectors.

  5. @ alibaba thanks. I’m from Nigeria, David Cameron is right we are the most corrupt country in the world. (Saraki get paid as senator,and still get paid as governor).diezani 20 billion dollars.

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