In Pictures: Chika Ike On Summer Vacation In New York

chika ike new york

August 12, 2016 – Photos: Chika Ike On Summer Vacation In New York

Nollywood most travelled actress, Chika Ike has left the shores of Nigeria for the United States.

The ‘waka waka’ lady is currently enjoying her summer vacation in the beautiful city of New York

Check out her latest photos …

7 thoughts on “In Pictures: Chika Ike On Summer Vacation In New York

  1. na she sabi but naijagists ehnn… which one be “waka waka lady”… chika enjoy yah money while it last

  2. When will this girl ever grow up and stop all this irrelevant show offs and advertisments?

    Yes, you traveled to the US and so? Whats so unprecedented about that? Thousands of Nigerians had traveled to and fro America and no one is blowing a trumpet about it.

    As a matter of facts, there are people who goes there every weekend just to charge their phones batteries. Their reason will shock you: Nigeria do not have steady power supply*wink.

    My strolling continues…

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