In Pictures: Tonto Dikeh Shows Off Wedding Owambe Look

tonto dikeh wedding owambe

Feb 20, 2017 – Photos: Tonto Dikeh Shows Off Wedding Owambe Look

This is Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh’s look to a wedding ceremony that held in Abuja over the weekend.

The actress whose marriage is on the verge of collapse told fans she is still a happy woman.

6 thoughts on “In Pictures: Tonto Dikeh Shows Off Wedding Owambe Look

  1. Persin wey her house have catch fire have leave am to be poshuu rat. Wetin is she go another persin wedding for? Her own is not work, so wetin is she wenting another persin wedding to give am bad luck? Abeg make she carry her bad luck go ogbanje meeting for under River Niger brijj. Ogbanje pipul de meet for under the River Niger brijj this night. Make she go become their seketry. Nonsens. Are you not see her eyes like busucat eyes?

  2. I have one question here. Why is everybody pointing the finger at Tonto. Before a woman moves out then there most be something to question. This girl loved this man, and we all saw it. Tonto, if not for anything, but because of small Church go back home.

  3. WOW! i love and admire this lady. she is indeed a strong woman. if only we all women can be strong and show men, that they are nothing and cannot take away our happiness. the world would have being better than this. She has really showed that thing, that her happiness is not in his hand. Kudo to you Tonto. you are the true definition of a strong woman. keep your smiling going. i love you so much.

  4. Tonro must learn to show off her African culture not a culture she doesn’t understand. Remember she is a African not a European, maybe her Jesus and God is white but she is an African. Her tribe is older than the bible, she will never be a European as long as a hole in her bum

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