Indian Billionaire Who Beat Wife’s PA Faith Nwaneri To Coma In Ikoyi Lagos Charged

jay keswani charged

Oct 5, 2016 – Jay Keswani, Indian Billionaire Businessman Who Beat Wife’s Employee, Faith Nwaneri To Coma In Ikoyi Lagos Charged…Hearing Adjourned Till December 15

Jay Keswani, one of the Aswani brothers who attacked his wife’s PA, Faith Nwaneri on the left eye at his apartment in Ikoyi Lagos back in August has been charged.

The suspect was dragged to court yesterday and arraigned before Justice Osunsanmi at an Ikeja Magistrate’s court for hitting Faith Nwaneri with a bag containing tools which left her bleeding on the left eye.

The accused pleaded not guilty and was granted N100,000 bail with two sureties in like sum.

His hearing will hold on the 15th of December 2016.

7 thoughts on “Indian Billionaire Who Beat Wife’s PA Faith Nwaneri To Coma In Ikoyi Lagos Charged

  1. At last Nigeria has waken up. This is good at least he has not been able to circumvent the justice system with bribe. Let us hope he gets his just dessert. This will send a clear message to all expatriates. You can’t maltreat Nigerians in their own country.Citizens should have security in the police,that they will come to their rescue when they are wronged or violated.

  2. He will be fined peanuts and probably smile home by calling the criminal justice system in Nigeria unprinted names….it was the media that made this happen in the first place else…..Nigeria popo would have settle the matter through DPO

  3. one thing I like about Nigeria Justice systems is when or if they want to serve justice, they do, am sure there will no wuru wuru on this matter. if the India man is convicted he can pay fine, well I dont know but am sure it is option of fine.

  4. Ni ilu ti wa yi naa? One arrogant Indian billionaire man treated and molested our fellow citizen in our country like she is a slave, In the end, the Indian idiot was granted a N100,000 bail to continue to harass, beat, and intimidate our fellow Nigerians in our own country. I beat it that no Nigerian businessman csn try such nonsense brutality in India or China without being sentence to a at least a year in prison with hard labour. Mind you, the Indian or Chinese victim does not have to work for the rest of his or her life with the multi dollars compensation from such senseless billionaire. Every criminal business person be it Nabalese,Korean, Indian, Chinese are treating our people like slaves in our own nation. Shame on Nigerian corrupt and unpatriotic justice system, on our politicians and big shame on our money driven human rights activitists. What a shameless people. We are not even respected in our own nation. This is sad.

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