Outrage As Indian Youths Kill Innocent Nigerian Citizen In Mumbai

indian youths kill nigerian mumbai

Indian Youths Allegedly Beat Innocent Nigerian Citizen To Death In Mumbai 

Nigerians in Pragati Nagar, Nalasopara Mumbai went on rampage on Wednesday after a Nigerian was beaten to death by fellow Nigerians, it was claimed by the police, while drinking overnight.

The murdered Nigerian was identified as 35 year-old Gut Ke Joseph.

Police said he was punched, kicked and left to die by fellow Nigerians during a drinking binge at 3.30am at Joseph’s home. A fight had broken out among them and this spilled onto the road.

Police took Joseph to hospital, where he was declared dead, reported Times of India. Police booked his death as ‘accidental’ and have arrested some Nigerians for questioning.

According to the newspaper, Jospeh’s killers fled the scene.

Second Version Of Joseph’s Murder

In a different report, another newspaper Mid Day, said Joseph was beaten to death by some Indian youths.

Contrary to the police version, Mid Day reported that it was Joseph’s friends who rushed him to a nearby hospital, where the doctors declared him dead.

Alleging his murder by locals, around 20 to 25 Nigerians ran riot on streets. During that many vehicles including autos, taxis, car, tempos, trucks and bikes were vandalised.

Windscreens of vehicles were smashed, tyres deflated.

The riot invited the wrath of Indians. An Indian mob quickly gathered and threatened to deal with the Nigerians if they stepped out of their homes, reported Times of India.

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