Ini Edo’s Ex-Husband Moves To Ghana, Philip Ehiagwina Planning Wedding With New Lover

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January 4, 2015 – Ini Edo’s Husband Getting Married To Ghana Based Fiancee Months After Ini Asked For Divorce

If the story coming from Ghana is anything to go by, then the estranged hubby of Nollywood diva Ini Edo has moved on.

Mr Philip Ehiagwina who is said to be in a serious relationship with a Nigerian-based in Accra is currently planning to make the union official.

Fillers in Nollywood claimed that the guy started dating the lady while he was still married to Ini.

The side chick reportedly facilitated his marriage crash with Ini.

Insiders also claimed that Mr Ehiagwina has left his base in US, relocated to Ghana and has rebounded quickly.

Ini Edo on the other hand has moved into the Lekki mansion that reportedly pulled the plug on her marriage.

10 thoughts on “Ini Edo’s Ex-Husband Moves To Ghana, Philip Ehiagwina Planning Wedding With New Lover

  1. the truth is that ladies of nowadays gat too much pride they belive they are too rich or too beautiful to correct ,, but the lord said humble thy self i will raise thee,, .. i think the lady in ghana is an humble lady , imagine ani edo as rich as she his. men still run away from her , think twice before you conderm this man

  2. If being a fool means submission, then let men go to places. I dont support a lady marrying a man with all her substances, especially a useless mad man like Philips. Pls Ini forget about the gold digger and continue wit ur life.

    • I hate divorce, Look, Philip is not a gold digger as you claimed, He is a one time big don if you don’t know. Philip don’t know Ini’s money. Ask anybody, if i am wrong. Look, Why can you ask Ini where she got the house situated in Lekki ? I hate people that don’t speak the truth. So, Next time, do your home research well.

      • bankole my guy abeg pullover o, am from edo state ishan to be precise and i knw philip and his family not very well though but enough to know that he is not a gentleman, he is not a big boy anything, yes he has little money to throw around but not like his wife so dont come here and lie to people jus because he is a man like us and am very sure you dont know ds man. truth nor say make we no talk am abeg

  3. This man marrying for the third time? then he is the problem not the women.must he marry any woman he dates.if i were in his shoes at this stage, a woman will have to give me a child first before i marry her.The man is old without children ,what is he thinking?

    • I like your observation. Thanks. He is getting old without no single kid for God sake. He need to sit down and reason.

  4. A proverb in my place says, ‘its ok dat a hen saw d dead body of a dog otherwise, dey would hav said its d dog dat killed d hen. Just few weeks away, dat looser is getting married to wife number 3. Had it bin its ini edo, heaven would hav bin let loosed.. chai edo men, edo men, how many times dd i called u, u guys should get a job an stop using women,. Housa’s r known wit farming, ibo’s r known wit trade. Edo men r known for using women to make money, laziness no go kill una.

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