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Is FIFA World Cup Truly A World Tournament???

Oct 1, 2014 – Is FIFA World Cup Truly A World Tournament???

World cup as it is popularly known, the football world cup is the world most popular international tournament, with about 204 qualifiers and 32 final since it inception in 1930. Except for 1942 and 1946 during the world (European) wars, that the event did not take place, since 1930, after every four years about 90 countries do participate
intercontinentally to select five countries to represent them.

I tend to wonder whether the most popular event is truly” world” as it is known. Looking back into the records, I was motivated to make a suggestion that the event be change from “world(FIFA)” or “international” to something like “ESAITCEF” or “SAEITCEF” that is, European – south Americaintercontinental Event Football, or South America – European intercontinental Event Football, with the latter as most prepared. This is because since the beginning of the game some 84 years ago, only countries from south America and Europe ever won the cup 21 times that the event hold in history. South America alone wining the cup 9 times.

Brazil alone won 5 times. Uruguay and Argentina won two times each. Like wise in Europe, the so called “world cup” was won 10 times. Europe’s 10 plus south America 9, plus two times the event did not hold will give you 21. Only 77 in over 200 countries have ever been to the tournament

Again the most surprising thing also is that, even reaching final (finalists) is only Europe and south America. In fact, even third place is only those two continents among the seven continents participating. What is even most surprising is some continents have never even make it to semi finals. Africa with all its internationally known players, it has never make it semi finals. Most of the hosting of the event
was in Europe and south America except a few. Europe hosted the event 9 times and south America 5 times. Other are USA, south Korea, south Africa,
and Mexico, No Muslim (Islamic) country has ever hosted the event. Asia, Australia, Mediterranean, nor pacific countries have ever hosted nor cross quarter finals. Even the many of the most populated countries like china, India, Indonesia, nigeria and Pakistan have never hosted nor passed semi finals in the history of the cup.

I guess some specific criteria s have been in used since that is why only those countries in Europe and south America are wining the tournament. For me, what I can say is that the event is not truly world, and
that the name should be changed to south America – Europe intercontinental event of football.
By Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu jari katsina.
Usmanu danfodiyo university sokoto

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