It Is Not Biblical To Worship On Sunday – Lagos Pastor Argues

is it wrong to worship on sunday

The GO of the Holy Chapel of St. Michael Mission Lagos, Pastor Anthony Chisom, has offered explanations on why the church and several others worship on Saturdays.

He spoke at the first youth empowerment service of the church.

According to him, the church and others worship on Saturdays because it is the day ordained by God.

Quoting copiously from the scriptures, he said: “What we are doing is a way to honour the Almighty God.

He gave us six days. The seventh day is the day of rest. Everybody needs to obey that scripture and obey God.”

Chisom, who preached on the importance of the Sabbath church referred to the scripture, which says ‘On the seventh day shall be called my Sabbath, you shall not do anything that is of your own interest.’

According to him:

“Everybody needs to obey the scriptures and God.

“Today, everybody left their homes, businesses and other things to worship God,” pointing out God wants Christians to obey the Sabbath through worship.

He stressed: “Sabbath is meant to follow the principles, the command and laws of God. That means if it is not God’s way, it is not for God.”

6 thoughts on “It Is Not Biblical To Worship On Sunday – Lagos Pastor Argues

  1. I disagree with your twisted interpretation of the scripture
    No time for silly argument. do what you like

    • IT IS not a silly argument. If you know why you worship on Sundays, tell him. Perhaps, you would convince him that nothing is wrong with Sunday worship.

  2. scripture twisted. Mr Pastor, for the one who knows how to look, every bush is burning, and for the one who knows how to live, everyday and moment is sacred for worship. it is religion that argues over a suitable day for worship; spirituality does not.

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