Jesse Jagz Turns Rasta, Marks Birthday With Marijuana Weed Cake (Photos)

August 21, 2013 – Nigerian Artist Jesse Jagz Turns Rasta, Marks Birthday With Marijuana Weed Cake (Pictures)

Nigerian hip hop artist and rapper Jesse Garba Abaga aka Jesse Jagz who left Chocolate city record labels few months ago has embraced Rastafarianism religion.

The popular son of a preacher decided to show the world his real self when he celebrated his birthday few weeks ago with a Marijuana weed-laced cake.

In 2008, Jude Abaga aka MI and his younger brother Jesse were signed into Chocolate City records label.

He announced his voluntary exit from Chocolate City on March 21st, 2013.

I, Jesse Garba Abaga (also known as “Jesse Jagz”) an artist formerly signed to Chocolate City Music label hereby wish to notify my fans and the general public about my voluntary exit from the label.”

He later proceeded to start his own record label tagged Jesse Jagz Nation.

According to insiders, his record label is full of artists practicing Rastafarianism religion.

Jesse Jagz according to sources, has dived further into the religion hence his love for Marijuana weed.

Check out some photos from Jesse Jagz‘s Marijuana birthday party below;

jesse jagz marijuana birthday cake

jesse jagz rasta

12 thoughts on “Jesse Jagz Turns Rasta, Marks Birthday With Marijuana Weed Cake (Photos)

  1. Most Nigerian singers are weed smoker. MI Abaga his elder brother smokes weed. Even psquare and 2face idibia too smoke weed. This is what they use to boost their performance.

  2. I pity their fans can u imagine the son of a pastor now smoking weed for performance enhancement. What a worthless life
    the sign is all over him

  3. who is this boy self? I’ve never heard of him before
    His case will soon be like dt of majek fashek
    what a pity

    • @ timipre,,, why would u compare a man like majek with this guy, mind you..majek will soon come alive……,
      …….life is all about choice man………

  4. @ knowthem, I know Paul Okoye is a weed addict am sure his twin brother peter okoye is nothing close to that.
    Peter doesn’t smoke or drink. love dt boy plus he is a father too very responsible

  5. They think they are enjoying, they dont know they are suffering. Displaying their ignorance in public and thinking it is good life. Let nobody come up and ask for assistance on their failed health, from the public for such reckless life style when the time comes. Fake people

  6. Poor jesse,you need help.The weed is not helping you,its make life misreable for you. He looks really sick. God help you dear.

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