Jeta Amata Warns Nigerians On Biafra, Says Tribalism Is Worse Than Racism Or Xenophobia

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Nov 17, 2015 – Jeta Amata Warns Nigerians On Biafra, Says Tribalism Is Worse Than Racism Or Xenophobia

“The consequence of things are not always proportionate to the apparent magnitude of those events that have produced them, thus the American Revolution from which little was expected, produced much; but the French Revolution, from which much was expected, produced little – CHARLES CALEB COLTON.

Taking cue from the old English cleric, one but wonders what ado about Biafra. The learned ones, intellects, leaders of our fields of practice, remain silent in an issue that led to Africa’s worst civil war, maybe the World’s. Nigeria’s South East politicos, traditional leaders, religious fathers, respected entertainers and sport heroes are keeping numb while the people they regard as “commoners” are taking to the streets in thousands insisting on secession. Some scholars estimate over 3 million people died from the civil war in which 40% of them were children that died of starvation. One of my best friends a popular radio personality in Lagos told me of how his mother said they had to eat their grandmother after she passed during the war.

Yes, due to starvation. Seriously??!!

It seemed like a joke at first, 10 to 20 Igbos in diaspora protesting in front of Nigerian embassies in the West, to a few hundred people chanting pro Biafra slogans back home in Nigeria. Now we’re seeing thousands of people pouring out in major cities, young men agitated by an inner feeling of despair look riot police in the eye saying “shoot me”.

Now this is serious, and we Nigerians know that in some cases, our tribalism can be worse than racism or xenophobia. Yes! There are still landlords who wouldn’t rent out houses to people of certain tribes, some parents would rather die than give their daughter’s hands in marriage to certain tribes, even amongst the Igbos, some are regarded as children of slaves and cannot be entrenched with the “free born”. Several people die every day from communal clashes, not to mention Boko Haram and the religious bigots. Yes, it happens and we all know it! Yet, knowing our history and what we are capable of, we remain silent in such a crucial time of our nation.

How do we address this issue?

I Jeta Amata, Isoko of Enuto Quarter of Oyede, Delta State of Nigeria believe in a One Nigeria. The Nigeria my late grandfather, the Adetomufuowho of Oyede believed in it. The Nigeria of over 170 million people, the Nigeria that is the most populous black nation on Earth, the Nigeria the British and French forced us all into while determining how they split Africa for their economic benefits. What do you believe in?

Assuming we share the same sentiments about our being one nation, or not as the case may be, do we sit back and let this agitation for a Biafra secession continue without having a conversation? Blood fuels revolutions; and the moment the police fire their weapons into a crowd of agitators, the story would change. The World having to deal with a few million Islamist fundamentalists will have to turn attention to the 170 million people of Africa’s economic power. Nigeria is the World’s 5th highest exporter of fuel and 7th in natural gas. The World’s 2nd largest film market. Imagine what a troubled Nigeria would do to Africa and the World’s economy.

Before we get there, it’s time to speak up, this is a call to Nigerian, African and World leadership to have a conversation about this little drop of water that could become an ocean. The Igbo leaders cannot pretend not to care while waiting to see where the tide flows. They must have this conversation to decide what they require for their people. From the last map I saw online of the proposed Biafra, Niger Delta States were carved into it, so Niger Deltans must also decide if they support this agitation to be a part of Biafra or politely decline the invitation. We cannot be idle in the face of an issue that could determine the fate of our country while canting, jand rather talking and complaining about how a hard working Linda Ifeoma Ikeji told the World about a $3m house she bought with her initiative, sweat and hard work.

Again I ask the question, what do you believe in?

Jeta Amata was born into a filmmaker’s family. He is the third generation of film makers in his lineage as his grandfather, Ifoghale Amata was renowned filmmaker. His father, Zack Amata was also not left out same with his uncle, Fred Amata.

Jeta is considered one of the most successful filmmakers to come out of West Africa. He has used his movies to promote the Niger Delta cause to the larger world among other themes he has worked on.

Amata is a film writer, producer and director.

11 thoughts on “Jeta Amata Warns Nigerians On Biafra, Says Tribalism Is Worse Than Racism Or Xenophobia

  1. This article is one of the best have read from my fellow Nigerian citizen who take pride and believe in Nigeria unity. The continue silence of noticeable Igbo leaders except for very few patriotic who have clear vision of what is coming from this provocation or tribalism like Rev. Father Mbaka, and few Ndiigbo leaders will further isolate and destroy the region economically, socially, and politically. If these youths get ammunition and weapons help from crooks with looted Nigerian funds, what will eventually befall Igbo Land will be worst than of Boko Haram in the Northeast. The question is why now? They claimed that they have been marginalized by PMB admistration that came to power few months ago. The most beneficiary of President Jonathan corrupt administration are the Igbos. They occupied some strategic positions and benefited greatly in the Jonathan administration. Today, they are angry that an Hausa man is now Nigerian legitimate and elected president from the northern Nigeria. It is also crucial to note that not all the Ndiigbo people support tribalism, this nonsense call for succession and lack of tolerance; majority of our Igbo brothers and sisters living outside Southeast are not on board with this craziness and total display of ignorance and tribalism which is worst than racism and Xenophobia. The Biafra agitators have one mission,and that to have total control over the oil wealth of the Niger Delta or the Southsouth region. Why? They know that they can’t survive without magging the majority of the southsouth oil region in their Biafra map and plan. The question to the southsouth people of Nigeria is that, do you believe that these Ndigbo agitators would have included Rivers state, Edo, Balyesa and Delta state in their Biafra map and plan if those five typical Igbo states are where Nigerian oil wells are located? The answer is capital “No”. These shortsighted agitators think in their minds that they can cajole the southsouth region to become part of Biafra and later take over their oil wealth from them forcefully afterm Biafra state is actualized. I thank Jeta Amata for this insightful piece before the Ndigbo will miscalculated and misjudge again. I still believe that every Nigerian is better off in a United Nigeria rather than divided Nigeria that these jobless youths are pursuing aggressively and blindly. In my view, I think they are not ready for succession because about 70% of Igbo people live and do businesses in other Non Igbo states in the federation. Their selfish, cruel, and evil plan will backfire on the Igbo people and their region just as Boko Haram backfire on the Northeast regoon in Nigeria. A word is more than enough for the wise.

    • sorry for you Mr WRITER, do you think Nigeria will continue to be one forever? you need to think. if it is one Nigeria why is it that the south east have only 5 states and others have 6 and 7. why is it that the oil block belongs to only Northerner and westernerss? why is that jamb cut off marks are not same for all youths aspiring into university. why is it the southeast and southsouth cannot boast of a single international airport compared to others, why is it that southeast and southsouth cannot boast for a common seaport as it seen in other regions yet you stand to talk about one Nigeria. not to talk of federal appointments. even the land that produces the wealth of the nation southsouth as it called today cannot boast of a good drinking water. those arears are left behind and yet British leave their company to soak the oil dry without putting a smile to the the owners of the land. every now and then is outboast of pipeline destroying the whole environments with their farms land which is no long
      conducive for the them. infact the whole of those areas is polluted yet one Nigeria. all this wicked politicians are their living in their mansions and the poor people are suffering yet one Nigeria. time of revolution is coming. and those of you who talk about one Nigeria will not have opportunity to talk about one Nigeria.

      • Hello brother Ben,
        So you think that the Biafra state and those Biafra agitators will better manage the oil wealth of the southsouth region for them far better than Nigeria nation? Those ignorant people calling for succession must really think deep now because it will not look good for great Ndigbo people to miscalculate and misjudge like in the 60s. This is not a just course in anyway, this is nothing but tribalism and lack of tolerance. I honor and have great respect for majority of Igbos who are not on board with this craziness. It will be wise to move on pass the last presidential election when majority of great Nigerians rejected President Jonathan corrupt, criminal and incompetent administration. Stop creating civil unrest in your region and come together to create job opportunities for those jobless youths. If you people misuse those wonderful gift just as the Northeast misused theirs for lack of tolerance when a southerner was president, the negative consequences and the impact of misusing your youths will outweigh the Boko Haram evil that have outgrown their creators. Please give those jobless youths sound education, loans to start petty businesses, social amenities and create job opportunities.

        • REVOLUTION IS COMING VERY SOON, I WANT TO BELONG TO A COUNTRY WHERE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY IS GIVEN TO EVERY ONE IRRESPECTIVE OF CULTURE OR RELIGION; we should learn from the westerners today, America is good today because everybody is being carried along. Nigeria has a lot of wealth and resources to maintain its citizen but the gullible politician will not allow it. we shall see where it will take us to.

  2. @omokehinde mind ur tongue, u have no single right to call them fools, be very very careful on how u call group of individuals whatever name u like.

  3. the problem with ignorant Biafrans is they really don’t know what they are doing. they have nothing to support in Nigeria just the working force, yet they are thinking of separating. did they think of natural resources? it makes no sense trying to divide a country that has survived through thick and thin.

  4. I have never experienced war, but i have heard so many painful stories revolving around it. With all these stories, i think we should better not think or do anything that could bring war into this country again. Lets use dialogue in resolving our differences. War would do us more harm than good. Nigeria is the only country we have. We can’t afford to suffer what other countries that are on crisis are going through. Peace is a choice. Let us give it a chance for the sustenance of the Nation’s democracy.

  5. Jeta Amata, omokehinde and Mimi, I love your speeches but you are the most ***** of people I ever read Their article or comments, but the only thing I learnt from those **** work of yours is that a *****. JAMOOM, forgive them we know your angle.

  6. Omokehinde, je lis toujours vos commentaires, en dépit depuis longtemps d’écriture jusqu’, je suggère que vous devez utiliser ce votre expérience à équilibre gramatical ne pas être unilatéral comme un Rapo dont j’ai toujours lu son jaggon inslutive ici, mon frère, puisque nous croyons tous dans un Nigéria, nous equeal suposed à être dans tout ce que nous faisons, nous devons partager le même gâteau, nous devons avoir un but commun que la façon de rendre le Nigéria grand, de ne pas être un prédicateur de triberlisim et la haine, regardez cette Nigeriawe cherchent maintenant peut aller dans l’histoire comme une mère qui tue et mange ses enfants si rien de concret n’est fait pour arrêter la triberlisim spreed de haine et.
    Depuis après la guerre, je n’ai jamais vu un dirigeant nigérian qui est sorti et a dit que je tiens à aborder la question du Biafra, mais au lieu de cela, tout d’eux éluder et balayé sous le tapis, dirigeants nigérians sortent maintenant et adresse le Biafra problème par boîte de dialogue,pas en lisant Riot Act par le militry, regardez vous êtes la cuisson de la nourriture que vous ne pouvez pas manger, il semble que nous regardent à temps boomb, veuillez pour Dieu Amour, dirigeants nigérians à la fois les chefs religieux devraient sortir maintenant et adresse le problème avant qu’il est allé hors de contrôle, omokehind mon frère, oublier à propos de l’huile dans le sudsud, ihope dans un futur proche, le prix du pétrole ira Vers le bas que vous aurez forcés de vendre elle même à 2 dollar pour un baril, nous parlons de l’avenir d’un Nigéria pas l’huile.
    Oui, nous sommes tous heureux que nous nous battons courruption, mais nous devons tuer tribalisim tout d’abord, sans que l’courroption sera avoir tant d’enfants avec des visages différents, laisser tuer courruption triberlisim maintenant et mourront.
    Vive le Nigéria

  7. Frank what is all dis nahhhhhh,how do u want somebody to read or understand ur comment because of dis, I wud vex and go and learn French tomorrow!!!

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