Jim Iyke Flies Private Jet (Pictures)

jim iyke private jet

Jan 23, 2013 – Jim Iyke Flies Private Jet (Photos)

Nollywood’s finest actor Jim Iyke is living life to the fullest. naijagists.com

The talented actor recently shares pictures of himself in a private jet.

Still unsure where he is heading to but from the look of things, he’s on a business mission.

Jim Iyke shared the above photo few hours ago with the caption

“that’s how we roll”

jim iyke private jet owner

Oga Jimmy make you roll am well o.

See another picture below.

jim iyke buys private jet

26 thoughts on “Jim Iyke Flies Private Jet (Pictures)

  1. who is jim iyke to own a private jet …. people…make huna look for better story to tell us not this …..

  2. Wetin dey pain all dis bad belle people make una live jim iyke alone na in time haba wedar na nollyhood money abi na anoda he no concern una, abi una neva hear say no be one way enter market,wish am beta make beta come to u niger ppl

  3. how una go dey talk lyk dis pple ehhhh, una know no say jimmy no be small boy? d guy na big boy mak una check am out, e go fit buy dat private jet i don wayam.

  4. Me i no fit shout ooooo.. anyhow wey him moni take com make una knw say moni na moni cox am a victim of such’ i wz a rag bt now itz only God dat knows hw my wealth came about ….so my guys praise God 4 his life. simple!!!

  5. I dnt knw wats rong wth peeple, if no b fool dey show u pic bt ur stil sayin whos jimy 2 fly a private jet. Wawa idiot illetracy and jelosy na im go bury u foooooolllll!!!

  6. It’s obvious none of you have been in a private jet, its not a private jet just an upper class seat on a plane. Private jet my @?!

  7. Nothing bad wit effizzy,u know. But I doubt if dat dough came from Nollywood. His music didnt sell either. ????


  9. jim baby i trust u will always make it, jst de way u acted in one of ur films ‘ yahoo plus’ i no u wil do it. Go on man am ur big fan.

  10. Jim i dey feeeeeeeeel ur swag…ur dresing be tooo much, i knw u fit make it hapend…mke u no mind dos foolish and kolo pple.

  11. pple make una understand simple English o abi una frm Chibok or una b Boko, him fly private jet, no be he owned private jet o, but which ever one sef na him money, y e dey pain u? ride on my man pple wey own private jet get five head. u too much, much luv. ur 4ver correct fan.

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