John Mikel Obi To Leave Chelsea For Galatasaray FC In Turkey

mikel obi leaves chelsea

June 20, 2013 – John Mikel Obi To Leave Chelsea For Galatasaray FC In Istanbul, Turkey

Nigerian footballer and Super Eagles Player, John Mikel Obi is getting ready to leave Chelsea for another Football club in Istanbul, Turkey.

According a publication from Turkey, Mike Obi revealed that he has asked Didier Drogba for advice on his plan to transfer to Galatasaray FC in Turkey.

Hear what the footballer said in a recent interview;

‘I asked Drogba for advice and he told me that Istanbul is a fantastic city, that Galatasaray is a huge club and that I have to make the move. I have played at Chelsea for a long time and it’s now time for me to leave.
‘I’m still only 26 and it’s great to receive an offer from a club (Galatasaray) playing Champions League football and doing well in the competition.’
Talks have reached an advanced level between Chelsea and Galatasaray. Chelsea won’t make the move difficult and regarding my salary there won’t be a problem. All that is left is for the clubs to reach an agreement.’

Galatasaray Spor Kulübü is a Turkish sports club based on the European side in Istanbul, most notable for its association in football and basketball sections.

At least Turkey is a beautiful country.

Chelsea fans do you support this move?

15 thoughts on “John Mikel Obi To Leave Chelsea For Galatasaray FC In Turkey

  1. My advice is dat u stay in chelsea they made u wat u are today if u move to galatasaray u won’t be popular d way u used to be pls remain in chelsea until ur contract is over above all put it in prayers God will see u through.

  2. He shud stay in chelsea bcos it was mourinho dt destroyed him by turning him 2 defensive midfielder. He was attacking midfielder & ds made him d 2nd world best young player in 2005 after messi. But now he’s far behind messi. & dt mourinho is back now, but he shud lif if mourinho’ll destroy him more.

  3. Mikel my love hop u knw wat u are doing?anyways u are old enough to know wat is gud for u i just want u to be prayerful dnt take things for granted am wit u and i will keep on praying for u and may d good God be with remain bless.

  4. Its always proper 2 move ahead in life, is not all d@ gud 2 always remain stagnant @least u’ve been with chelsea 4 quite some times now so all u need do is pray n ask God 4 a directions!

  5. Obi i sujest u remain wit chalsea till after ur contract, by then more gud clubs will come after u so dat ur going they will nt kill ur career.

  6. He should leave because he has no improvement in last seven years. In fact It is more necessary for Essien than Mikel to leave, however, Essen is son of Mourinho. Chelsea need stronger DMC, so Mikel must leave!

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