John Okafor Mr Ibu In Car Accident: Drunk Nollywood Actor Crashes BMW SUV In Lagos

mr ibu car accident

May 4, 2016 – Pictures: John Okafor Mr Ibu In Car Accident; Drunk Nigerian Actor Crashes BMW SUV On Lekki Ikoyi Road In Lagos

The Nollywood actor who recently returned to Nigeria from his tour of Europe has landed himself in big trouble.

While driving under the influence of alcohol today, the comic actor lost control of his expensive BMW SUV.

According to eyewitnesses, Mr Ibu was heading to a function but on getting to Lekki Ikoyi bridge, he veered off the road and landed on the pavement.

The actor didn’t sustain any injury in the lone crash.

See photos from the scene of minor crash.

john okafor car accident

13 thoughts on “John Okafor Mr Ibu In Car Accident: Drunk Nollywood Actor Crashes BMW SUV In Lagos

  1. Mr. Ibu so you drink and also get drunk? Why na? You don fuck-up. Thank your stars that you are ok.

  2. You were very careful while in Europe but became reckless when you return to Naija abi?
    Is this Ibinabo-gate or simply the evidence that there is no law guiding the driving system of Naija.

    Try this rubbish in Europe and the next day you will find your find yourself in ROPE minus EU.

    Any person found or caught driving under the influence of alchohol by the FRSC should be jailed without one backward look.

    This is simply because, its either such drivers are on a suicide mission, or they are on the loose to killing the innocent law abiding GIWAS also using the roads.

    I take my stroll…

  3. And what do we have here again? We have not dried ourselves of the smelly water that Ibinabo poured on us and Mr Ibu is coming with another bucket. I doff my heart for una.

  4. These our useless Nollywood yeyebrities who think too much of themselves. Everything in this country is rotten!!

  5. take a deep look at this picture. is the man drunk from what u see. accident can happen at any seconds

  6. And how do we know he was under the influence of alcohol?let us wait and hear his response before we condemn him.

  7. thank you @oke joe for that question. greetings guys, how has it been? been busy all this while

  8. End times,I wonder of he no go dey stagger,cquwe imwgine ifbimbdrunk of dis tym of the dqy,he dey learn fromnibinaboxso if na nitezomobna jamming anytin at sight.e Don hwppen to me ma,ibgobd ink beetlr like 4bottles,come rake 3weqps of wk,omo Dat nite,na dia I know say saran na bastard,my crv 08model lock me inside, I dey gasp for air cause all doors,Windows,everywhere lock,d suv no gree Stat,not till I sharply on my lapy,see info for Google,den come distablize the steering,gear qnd all wit alarm,men Naso I speed about 2km wit speed of 120 but I no bash or kill anyone cause I be asphalt,need for speed die hard if Mr ibu drivr for nite,e mean say men hebgo kill pqss ibinabo o.useless pot bellied drunkard.

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