Kcee Buys New Bentley GT Coupe Car, Limpopo Singer Flaunts Ride

kcee buys new car

Oct 3rd, 2013 – Kcee Buys New Bentley GT Coupe Car, Limpopo Singer Flaunts Ride

While others are mourning on black Thursday, some folks are actually smiling at home.

Hours after a tragic plane crash that happened in Ikeja Lagos, Nigerian singer Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo popularly called Kcee has shared the photos of his newly acquired Bentley GT Coupe car.

This new ride is just an addition to the fleet of cars in his garage.

The bobo should have waited a day or two before sharing this news as we mourn the sudden departure of the 17 people who died in Ikeja Lagos plane crash this morning.

Congrats to him shaa make dem no say naijagists dey too jealous.

22 thoughts on “Kcee Buys New Bentley GT Coupe Car, Limpopo Singer Flaunts Ride

  1. This kcee of a boy is an igbo fool.
    What if his family members were among the dead will he do the same thing?
    nonsense artist

    • @gboyega u r being sentimental, waz kcee d cause of d crash? N besides, nt flauntin his new ride isnt a solution to d prob. People dies every day n notin has changed.

    • Gboyega,you are a stupid Yoruba man for saying that…if your wife gave birth today wont celebrate before mourning.condolence to the loss one’ may there soul rest in perfect peace..

    • Gboyega you are foolish. any other day u insult the igbos, amadi..oha will srike u death. foolish and lazy idiot. Kcee carry goooooo.

  2. Congratulations!! With all due respect, this has nothing to do with the plane crash. My Condolence to the various families. God knows better!!

  3. Chief Mourners ! LOL ! we don see una ! Congrats to you KCEE and for you biased minds, Do you know when he got the news about d crash ? Aproko NG.REST in Peace to all that died !

  4. Guys that’s d evidence of hard work. And d car I put it as the miss universes.bbeautiful baby.God I beg u i want just one and small change to fuel am.bros , well done

  5. Kcee Bro congrts ooo i really envy you n will like to be like you wen i grow up Lolzzz.d Bible says mourn wth those dat re mourning n rejoice wth those dat re rejoicing.we lost pple every day dat shld nt stop those dat wnt to celebrt from doing thr tin why shld dis one be differnt??

  6. Hey y all d noise.more than 90 STUDENT WAS KILLED IN YOBE.THAT OF niger state nko.we mourn only plane crash victim.na wa 4 our people.celebrate my guy joo

  7. adegboyega if na you but the car, shey una go carry petrol and matches burn am, he has planned to but the car before the mishap so life goes you really disgrace the yoruba ppl, wu knows maybe you be cross breed

  8. Thig gboyega of a guy thinks from his ass….u think kcee is that nuch a fool to know this has happened and still transacted? I mourn for those people, buh i mourn more for the unprotected 90 students at yobe…at least those money embezzlers should feel our pain..do u think God sleeps?

  9. From d constructions of english I’ve been reading from pple criticizing d gboyega guy, I can see u all have ur brains under ur legs.. Everybody has d right to their opinion, what’s ur problem saying stupid words to d guy.. Ogun **** all of you sef..

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