Kelly Rowland Flaunts Diamond Engagement Ring (Photos)

kelly rowland engagement ring

Nov 29, 2013 – Newly Engaged Kelly Rowland Flaunts Diamond Engagement Ring (Pictures)

The former destiny’s child singer who got a surprise proposal from her manager and boyfriend, Tim Witherspoon few weeks ago has been spotted walking around town with her expensive-looking diamond engagement ring.

32-year-old Kelly Rowland was spotted on Tuesday shopping in Beverly Hills dressed in a casual jeans and a grey top.

She was all smiles as she and a friend picked up some sweet treats from a cupcake shop in Beverly Hills three days ago.

Kelly Rowland’s engagement ring was first spotted in a video she shared on her Instagram page few weeks ago.

kelly rowland engagement rings

She has been showing it off to friends and family and is very happy,” – said a family insider

This is Ms Rowland’s 2nd engagement. In 2005, she broke up with her footballer boyfriend Roy Williams two months before their wedding.

If everything works out, this will be her first marriage.

See her face radiating with joy, love is indeed a beautiful thing.

Congrats to her.

13 thoughts on “Kelly Rowland Flaunts Diamond Engagement Ring (Photos)

  1. Jumai, ur right, Kelly’s smile is infectious. Kelly, i love ur melodious voice & God will keep ds marriage 4 u. AMEN!

  2. Can’t really find the special thing about diamonds, to me it’s just the name and money that gets people tripping. As for the ornaments, though i can’t afford them but i think i prefer GOLD to them.

    What about you??? Please it’s just how i feel but let’s view your own comments on GOLDS and DIAMONDS, which would you prefer?

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